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  • Spring Into Bigelow’s Green Tea Sweepstakes, Hurry It’s The Last Day To Enter!

    Bigelow Tea Blog
    30 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    Be sure to enter the Bigelow Tea Spring Into Green Tea Sweepstakes by midnight EST TODAY for your chance to win a Green Tea Triple Pack Sampler, an ideal treat to celebrate spring and all things green — 12 lucky winners in all! Head right over to the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, click on the sweepstakes icon under the large cover photo or on the side of the page. Share the sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter to get more entries. If you’re on a mobile device, here’s the link to use instead: Your prize includes one box each of Green Tea with Wild…
  • She Means Business: Inspiring Women CEOs and Leaders Share Their Keys to Success

    Convene » Articles
    Angel Britanico
    24 Mar 2015 | 4:28 am
    Biologist Thomas Huxley once said, “The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.” This sentiment rings true in the lives of every present-day working woman, who climbs up the corporate ladder while also looking out for their families and their own well-being. Throughout history, media messages coupled with social, cultural and economic influences popularized the idea of women who waited to be swept off Continue Reading » The post She Means Business: Inspiring Women CEOs and…
  • The Little Things That Can Influence Your Success

    24 Mar 2015 | 2:30 am
    There are many little behavioural traits that, if we can control or even just be aware of, can be the keys to success. Often subconscious, they include our movements, expressions or ways in which we react in certain situations that can affect how well we do in our careers and professional relationships. Your decision-making skills In the study ‘Thought Calibration: How Thinking Just the Right Amount Increases One’s Influence and Appeal’ it was found that the way in which someone make decisions affects those observing them and their willingness to be influenced by…
  • 6 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Content

    Proforma Blog
    Tony Zayas
    30 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    Image courtesy of Sebastien Wiertz’s photostream Blog content production for content marketing’s sake feels like the hard work where many of us spend the most time. The truth is that the promotion side is actually more important, since our content is only useful when others consume it. If you’re not getting the traction that you want in your content marketing efforts, it might be time to shift focus away, temporarily, from content creation and towards content promotion. Here are six steps to getting the most out of your content through promotion. 1 – Post To Facebook, with an…
  • Diversity in the Boardroom: The Importance of Change

    NACD Blog
    Henry Stoever
    23 Feb 2015 | 2:19 pm
    For years, boards have discussed diversity but little action has been taken. Demographic shifts and the continuing focus on global competitiveness point to change on the horizon.  While it won’t happen tomorrow, all signs point to increasing diversity within the next few decades — when the current millennials are in their 50s, the boardroom will be much more racially diverse. I recently addressed two highly engaged groups in Washington, D.C., and the attendees reflected very similar attributes and a common aspiration — a desire to gain their first board seat. My advice for gaining…
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    AccuQuote Blog

  • The SECRET of How to Win the Game of Life Insurance (Part 3)

    Byron Udell
    27 Mar 2015 | 5:03 am
    By Byron Udel Now that you know the SECRET to winning the game of life insurance (DIE WITH YOUR POLICY IN FORCE!), it’s time for some real world examples. I told you earlier that The Secret can work with term insurance, universal life, or any other kind of life insurance.  Now I’m going to show you exactly what I mean. Winning the Game with Term Life Insurance On the surface, the only way to win the game with term life insurance is to do something you don’t want to do—die before you’re supposed to (dying young is not exactly ideal, at least not in my mind).  But even if you…
  • The SECRET of How to Win the Game of Life Insurance (Part 2)

    Byron Udell
    12 Mar 2015 | 1:03 am
    By Byron Udell We left off at the end of Part 1, where I had already shared the secret to winning the game of life insurance (DIE WITH YOUR POLICY IN FORCE!).  But even though the secret sounds so simple and obvious, we learned that so many people disregard it and lose the game.  Why and how does that happen? Well, we all die, so obviously these people don’t lose the game of life insurance because they live forever.  They lose because their policies LAPSE BEFORE THEY DIE! This can happen for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, it’s because they no longer want the policy… maybe…
  • The SECRET of How to Win the Game of Life...Insurance (Part 1)

    Byron Udell
    27 Feb 2015 | 4:02 am
    By Byron Udell This post is way overdue.  The message of “how to win the game of life insurance” is too important to just be getting to it now (I talk about it ALL the time; just haven’t blogged about it until now).  But better late than never, especially when it comes to life insurance. I’m going to tell you a secret—a secret that I’m sure life insurance companies don’t want you to know. While life insurance is not a game, many companies approach it this way, relying on strategy and statistics. Unfortunately, most people LOSE this game of life insurance …and the life…
  • The Health Insurance Problem in this Country is Getting Better, but it’s Still a Problem

    Byron Udell
    12 Feb 2015 | 7:02 pm
    By Byron Udell Open enrollment for health coverage ends on Sunday.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at how our country is faring when it comes to health insurance. According to statistics recorded by, 14.6% of American’s didn’t have health insurance back in 2008. Now, 7 years later, the number of Americans who don’t have health insurance has dropped to 12.9%. That means 87.1% of all Americans are now covered by some type of health insurance. Things have improved, that’s obvious.  But there are still plenty without coverage (the percentage isn’t as large as it is…
  • The 3 Words That Can Help Everyone

    Byron Udell
    2 Feb 2015 | 8:02 pm
    By Byron Udell Read.  More.  Books. Simple enough, right? I don’t mention books much in this blog because most of the books I enjoy and think are useful are not about life insurance. But make no mistake, I’m an avid reader.  I usually have at least two books in play at once.  We can learn so much from books—about leadership, business, what works, what doesn’t. If you read the profile on me in theChicago Tribune, you’ll see what I’ve read recently and some of my favorite books. I’ve been passionate about books my whole life.  The following is an excerpt from theJim Rohn…
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    AWS Official Blog

  • Amazon WorkSpaces Update – New Features for Admins and Users

    Jeff Barr
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:33 pm
    Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed desktop computing services that runs in the AWS cloud. Administrators can easily provision cloud-based desktops that users can access using the desktop or mobile device of their choice. Today I would like to recap a series of updates and improvements that we have made to WorkSpaces over the last couple of months. All of these features are in production and available for use today. The features naturally fall into two groups: features for administrators and features for users. Let’s start with the administrators! New WorkSpaces feaures for users include Single…
  • AWS Console Mobile App Update – Support for AWS CloudFormation & Auto Scaling Group Edits

    Jeff Barr
    31 Mar 2015 | 11:24 am
    We have made two additions to the AWS Console mobile app (available on Amazon Appstore, Google Play, and iTunes). You can view the status of your AWS CloudFormation stacks and you can edit the min, max, and desired capacities of your Auto Scaling groups. Here’s the main screen of the newly revised console: CloudFormation Features You can now use the console to view the status of your CloudFormation stacks. In order to demonstrate this feature, I launched a stack and then opened the Console mobile app to watch it launch: From there I can see additional information at a touch: I can expand…
  • The Next Generation of Dense-storage Instances for EC2

    Jeff Barr
    31 Mar 2015 | 1:26 am
    Perhaps you, like many other AWS users, store and process  huge amounts of data in the cloud. Today we are announcing a new generation of Dense-storage instances that will provide you additional options for processing multi-terabyte data sets. New D2 Instances The new D2 instances are designed to provide you with additional compute power and memory (when compared to the first-generation HS1 instances) and the ability to sustain a high rate of sequential disk I/O for access to extremely large data sets, all at a very affordable price. The instances are based on Intel Xeon E5-2676 v3 (code…
  • AWS Week in Review – March 23, 2015

    Jeff Barr
    30 Mar 2015 | 7:23 am
    `Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week: Monday, March 23 A post on the AWS Java Blog provided a helpful pointer to some new documentation on Amazon S3 Client-side Crypto Meta Information. The AWS Security Blog disclosed the availability of a New Security and Compliance Workbook: IT-Grundschultz. Tuesday, March 24 We announced Cross-Region Replication for Amazon S3. We announced that Version 2015.03 of the Amazon Linux AMI is Now Available. We announced that AWS Marketplace is now Available in the Frankfurt Region. We announced New Timing Data and Performance…
  • AWS Management Console Update – Tag Substring Search

    Jeff Barr
    26 Mar 2015 | 2:29 pm
    Many AWS customers use tags (key/value pairs) to organize their AWS resources. A recent Reddit thread (Share with us your AWS Tagging standards) provides a nice glimpse into some popular tagging strategies and practices. Late last year we launched Resource Groups and Tag Editor. We gave you the ability to use Resource Groups to create, maintain, and view collections of AWS resources that share common tags. We also gave you the Tag Editor to simplify and streamline the process of finding and tagging AWS resources. Today we are enhancing the tag search model that you use to create Resource…
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  • Making maps on the road in Canaan, Haiti

    Jenelle Eli
    30 Mar 2015 | 5:11 am
    This post was written by Emily Eros, a member of the American Red Cross mapping team, who recently traveled to Canaan, Haiti. You can see more about the Red Cross’ work in the country at Earlier this month, the American Red Cross took its mapping efforts on the road in Canaan, Haiti, where we piloted Mapillary: a collaborative photo mapping service that allows users to upload and share street-level images of places around the world. The service is similar to Google StreetView, except that anyone with a smartphone or computer is able to contribute. We initiated this trip…
  • From the Archives for Women’s History Month: “Marjorie Bonynge and Volunteer Partnership in World War II”

    Nicholas Lemesh
    29 Mar 2015 | 11:45 pm
    Along with many other New York City residents, Marjorie Bonynge went to Pier 88 on West 49 Street to see the wreckage of the French liner which had caught fire and capsized while being converted into a U.S. troop transport. The burning of the ship in February 1942, just two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the entry of the U.S. into World War II, galvanized the city. Like many other concerned citizens, Marjorie decided to help with the war effort. Marjorie’s father was a surgeon and her mother a nurse, so she came from a background of public service and helping others. The…
  • Top Tips for Staying Safe on Spring Break: Water Safety Edition

    Sarah Layton
    24 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    Post adapted from March 19, 2014 blog by By Peter Wernicki, MD American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council. How will you remember this year’s spring break? If you want to stick with sun tans, ice cream and ocean breezes and avoid scary or dangerous situations, follow the lead of American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council member Peter Wernicki, MD. “As an orthopedic surgeon, I see plenty of people who injure themselves in and around water on their vacations,” said Wernicki. ”There are the typical slips and falls around pools and the joint and muscle tears…
  • My Word Against Ebola: LOVE

    Jenelle Eli
    23 Mar 2015 | 10:47 am
    This post was written by Samuel Estabrook, as part of the Words Against Ebola campaign – a Red Cross initiative to promote knowledge, fight stigma, alleviate fear and overcome complacency through the sharing of positive words. The American Red Cross deployed Samuel to Liberia in January. Samuel is tweeting from Liberia @mapping_Sam.    Love is a blessing and a curse in the time of Ebola. Caring for loved ones while they’re suffering puts caretakers’ own health at risk. In West Africa, it is people’s love for family and neighbors that has caused an unprecedented chain of exposure and…
  • @ClaraBarton, Is That You? Envisioning Our Founder’s First Tweets

    Beth Pullias
    19 Mar 2015 | 11:17 am
    In honor of March is Red Cross Month, we decided to show our founder, Clara Barton, how to tweet and celebrate with us. Like most who first start out on Twitter, it took a bit of time to acclimate! Limiting thoughts to 140 characters, what to talk about and, of course, how to properly use a #hashtag were all a fun challenge. We’re thrilled to see Clara has been hard at work getting the word out about the Red Cross and our amazing everyday heroes.  Don’t know about Henry Dunant? The story of how the American Red Cross started is pretty cool. Clara was very excited to hear that we…
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    Bigelow Tea Blog

  • Spring Into Bigelow’s Green Tea Sweepstakes, Hurry It’s The Last Day To Enter!

    30 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    Be sure to enter the Bigelow Tea Spring Into Green Tea Sweepstakes by midnight EST TODAY for your chance to win a Green Tea Triple Pack Sampler, an ideal treat to celebrate spring and all things green — 12 lucky winners in all! Head right over to the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, click on the sweepstakes icon under the large cover photo or on the side of the page. Share the sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter to get more entries. If you’re on a mobile device, here’s the link to use instead: Your prize includes one box each of Green Tea with Wild…
  • Loving American-Grown Spearmint At Bigelow Tea!

    27 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    As Bigelow Tea celebrates its 70th anniversary, it’s time to look at the good things that continue to happen here … and today it’s all about the flavor of mint! As a family-owned American company that has been blending teas for three generations, Bigelow Tea enjoys the luxury of not only sipping some of the world’s finest teas, but of being able to select only the best quality ingredients for its recipes. When you enjoy tea as much as the Bigelow family—and your name is on the package, you want to be choosy.  It is why Bigelow Tea sources all of its ingredients from trusted…
  • A Bigelow Tea Classic Recipe: Tea Braised Leg of Lamb With Pear, Jalapeno and Tea Infused Chutney!

    25 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    Count on Bigelow Teato show the way to all things tea! With its many bold flavors it can be enjoyed straight from a mug or in delicious recipes. For seventy years three generations of the Bigelow family have infused their love of tea into the homes and lifestyles of millions.  America’s Number one Specialty Tea Company welcomes spring and proudly presents Tea Braised Leg of Lamb with Pear, Jalapeno and Tea Infused Chutney. Enjoy it for your next family gathering as Spring ushers in many opportunities to get together and celebrate together. Tea Braised Leg of Lamb with Pear,…
  • Celebrate this Spring with Bigelow Tea’s Bee Well Gift Set

    23 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    Spring is near! After a long, snowy winter at the Bigelow Tea headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut everyone is ready for the snow to thaw and the flowers to bloom. It’s also time to look forward to spring occasions like Passover, Easter, Mother’s Day, and graduations! If you’re searching for the perfect gift, look no further than Bigelow Tea’s newest gift set: the adorable and bright Bee Well Gift Box. Bigelow Tea’s Bee Well Gift Box includes a teabag teapot and matching 11 oz. mug, 16 honey spoons and 12 Novus Lemon Ginger tea sachets. Lemon Ginger is a zesty blend of herbs…
  • Bigelow Tea Greets Spring

    20 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    Happy first day of spring! Spring has sprung and Bigelow Tea has comfort in a cup just for you! This season, awaken your senses with the fragrant and colorful petals of chamomile, rose and hibiscus. No, we’re not referring to your blossoming garden outside — we’re talking about tea. Herbal teas are made from a variety of aromatic plants with flavors that blend beautifully with fruits or spices to produce a naturally caffeine-free brew. Enjoy a mug of Chamomile Vanilla Herbal Tea with Honey, and Cranberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea (and many more options!). These uplifting herbal infusions are…
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    Cisco Blog » The Platform

  • Cisco Committed to Diversity and Tolerance

    Francine Katsoudas
    30 Mar 2015 | 11:57 am
    This weekend our President and Chief Operating Officer, Gary Moore, tweeted to reiterate Cisco’s commitment to a culture of diversity and tolerance in response to Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. In doing so, we take pride in joining the largest Indiana-based employer, Eli Lilly and Co., which called the law “bad for Indiana and bad for business.” At Cisco, we believe that every employee should feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard regardless of sexuality, race or gender. #Cisco — Gary [...]
  • The Future of Retail Banking

    Padmasree Warrior
    30 Mar 2015 | 11:17 am
    During your morning workout at the gym, a device on your arm measures each step and connects with…your bank. By monitoring your healthy lifestyle, the bank can then arrange a lower rate on your health insurance. Later, when walking toward your office, you notice an apartment for sale in a neighborhood you have been scouting for real estate deals. So you point your smartphone at the building to view an augmented-reality image superimposed on the building. In turn, you see [...]
  • Becoming a Woman of Impact

    Paula Dowdy
    26 Mar 2015 | 4:21 pm
    Be Fearless! That was the theme of an incredible Cisco Women of Impact Conference last week, and like most of the 4,850 people joining from about 80 sites around the world, I came away inspired and energized by all I heard and learned during the day.  We came together as women (and men) that wanted to learn, connect and share ideas on how we could personally make a bigger impact.  I know I took home many new ideas and many new friendships. I’m very proud and [...]
  • The Center for Digital Business Transformation: Helping Our Customers Thrive in a Digital World

    Edzard Overbeek
    26 Mar 2015 | 5:30 am
    Powerful technology trends including, social, mobile, cloud, and Big Data are converging, creating unprecedented “digital disruption.” We are in a unique period of time where business and technology leaders have the opportunity to create new value and win market share by leveraging the advantages of a hyper-connected world. Agile competitors with better business models seemingly emerge overnight. Ingrained ways of thinking and working make changing to an innovative culture painfully slow. Needed talent and resources lie outside the four walls [...]
  • Entrepreneurs: Your Invitation to Innovate with Cisco in Europe – Second Season Application Now Open

    Mala Anand
    25 Mar 2015 | 3:49 pm
    It was only last November that I wrote about our first Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Cisco EIR) cohort in Europe. I knew then we had started something special – an incubation model that allows Cisco to tap into the immense talent of the European startup community and helps address many of the unique challenges entrepreneurs face in the region. Only a few months into our first European season, our startups have gained significant traction inside Cisco – and are demonstrating potential for strategic relationships and differentiation [...]
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  • Uber, Lyft and Tinder Headline List of Fast Rising Apps of 2014

    31 Mar 2015 | 7:53 am
    This past year saw the rapid emergence of many apps, which is not a surprise given that the Apple and Android App Stores house well over one million apps at this point. We wanted to better understand which apps are beginning to make become a more important piece of the mobile ecosystem, so we did an analysis of the top-growing apps among those with at least 1 million monthly visitors in December. We found many hot apps at the top of the list, including Uber (+440%), Lyft (+835%) and Tinder (+737%). While these brands rank among the most buzzed-about names in emerging tech, we also saw some…
  • The Dress: A Case Study of Flash Crowds and Invalid Traffic

    20 Mar 2015 | 12:18 pm
    Flash crowds are a phenomenon common to internet traffic. As the name suggests, flash crowds consist of a large number of users accessing a relatively small number of web sites over a short period of time. The idea is borrowed from the work of science fiction writer Larry Niven who coined the term while pondering the darker consequences of free and instantaneous travel. Flash crowds can emerge either spontaneously (e.g., due to natural disasters) or due to an announced event (e.g., the Apple Watch debut), but what makes them unique is the exceptionally high volume of traffic they generate in…
  • From GSMA MMM to Mobile Metrix: The Evolution of UK Mobile Media Measurement

    4 Mar 2015 | 9:16 pm
    The data we published comes from a change in our methodology and reveals gains in the momentum of usage of mobile platforms since they were first and most recently measured by our now retired mobile measurement service, GSMA Mobile Media Metrics. The Mobile Metrix service has several key benefits that are critical for accurately measuring mobile usage in today’s environment; a deep dive into which is available to download here. Uniform measurement of both on and off-network (Wi-Fi) activityGSMA MMM had a high dependency on the anonymized user log data provided from the mobile operators. For…
  • Viewability, Online Video and Social Media

    12 Feb 2015 | 7:35 am
    Viewability Online Video Social Media We can identify three hot topics on digital media on a global level as well.The first one is Viewability. This concept was developed in the United States as an initiative from the MRC (Media Rating Council), the IAB (Interactive Advertisement Bureau), and their associations with advertisers and agencies.Given that digital has surpassed TV, radio and print on investment in countries such as England, Australia and the US, advertisers wanted to highlight what digital always proclaimed: “Internet is the most measured and measurable media”. Once they…
  • comScore and Kantar Partner on Global Cross-Media Audience and Campaign Measurement

    12 Feb 2015 | 4:33 am
    As the data investment management arm of WPP, Kantar is one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups. Kantar, whose services are employed by over half of the Fortune 500, has built a tremendous set of assets that are complementary to those that we’ve built at comScore and offers its clients insight at every point of the consumer cycle.Allow me to explain a bit more about our rationale behind forging this alliance.Over the past twelve months we’ve seen an acceleration in the transformation of the video and television audience as consumers access TV and video…
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  • Daimler ProCent: Kleiner Beitrag – große Wirkung

    Monika Schulze
    30 Mar 2015 | 3:11 am
    Die Initiative „Daimler ProCent“ darf ich als Mitarbeiterin in der HR-Kommunikation schon von Beginn an mit unterschiedlichsten Informationen und Medien an Mitarbeiter, Führungskräfte und auch interessierte Außenstehende begleiten. Wenn mich im Dezember 2011 jemand gefragt hätte, was glaubst du, wird Daimler ProCent ein Erfolg, dann hätte ich mich ein wenig schwer getan mit einer Einschätzung. Denn am Anfang war bei der Beleg­schaft auch Skepsis zu spüren. Wie soll das funktionieren, wenn jeden Monat die Cent-Beträge meiner Entgeltabrechnung in den Spendentopf fließen?
  • Retro Classic: So schön ist Alt

    27 Mar 2015 | 2:23 am
    Es ist wieder soweit: Europas größte Oldtimer Messe lockt wie jedes Jahr Anhänger und Fans der Szene nach Stuttgart. Über vier Tage verteilt besuchen rund 56.000 Menschen diese Veranstaltung und treffen auf über 1.000 Aussteller, die voller Stolz ihre Schätze präsentieren. Natürlich wollten auch wir, das Blog-Team, uns dieses Spektakel genauer ansehen und waren vor Ort, um Eindrücke von Autos, Besuchern und besonders dem Mercedes-Benz Stand zu bekommen. Für Sie haben wir einige Highlights aus knapp 3000 Fahrzeugen in diesem Beitrag zusammengefasst. Und damit nicht genug:  Es findet…
  • Erst die Arbeit und dann Aïcha (de Gazelles)

    Sascha Belca
    25 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    Jetzt werden wir bald wissen, ob sich unsere wochenlange Arbeit ausgezahlt hat: Zusammen mit meinem kleinen Team habe ich die zwei Mercedes-Benz Sprinter und Mercedes-Benz Vito für die diesjährige Aïcha de Gazelles technisch vorbereitet und Rallye-tauglich gemacht. Und wir werden als Service-Techniker mit dabei sein, wenn sich unsere Frauen-Teams durch die Marokkanische Wüste kämpfen. Ihrer Natur oder Bauart nach sind die Mercedes-Benz Sprinter und Mercedes-Benz Vito als Transporter keine klassischen Rallye Fahrzeuge. Aber genau darin liegt ja der Reiz, sie dahin zu entwickeln. Und sie…
  • DTM-Warm-up: 18 Rennen, 18 Chancen

    Dan von Appen
    23 Mar 2015 | 2:26 am
    Frühling in Affalterbach: Auf den Feldern tuckern die Bauern mit ihren Traktoren in unendlichen Bahnen dahin. Am Ortseingang bauen Arbeiter in aller Seelenruhe an (noch) einem Kreisverkehr. Das Spinnennetz am Außenspiegel des Gebrauchtwagens beim Fähnchen-Händler glänzt in der Morgensonne. Mitten in dieser ländlichen Idylle öffnet sich in der Benzstraße ein Rolltor: Ich höre die typischen kurzen Gasstöße eines Rennmotors in der Warmlaufphase. Das Mercedes-AMG-DTM-Team lädt zum Kickoff bei HWA. Alle Fahrer sind gekommen: Lucas Auer, Paul Di Resta, Maximilian Götz, Daniel…
  • Auf der CeBIT virtuell im Truck von morgen sitzen

    Roland Stechow
    20 Mar 2015 | 1:07 am
    „Probesitzen“ ist so alt wie das Auto selbst: Schon seit 1886, als Carl Benz das Automobil erfand, gehören Untersuchungen zur Ergonomie beim Sitzen hinter dem Lenkrad, damals noch Lenkkurbel, zum Entwicklungs- und Versuchsumfang. Es mussten erste Gesetzmäßigkeiten eingehalten werden, damit Mensch und Maschine harmonieren, damit Hände das Lenkrad steuern und Füße die Pedale treten können. Ergonomie bezeichnet nichts anderes, als die Untersuchung von Bewegungsabläufen, die möglichst optimal in Bezug auf Räumlichkeiten oder zu greifende oder zu drückende Gegenstände zugeschnitten…
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    EMC BlogRoll

  • Governed Placement Services and Data Value

    30 Mar 2015 | 5:20 am
    The article Metadata Lakes and Data Value, written in February of this year,stated the following: data architects go through the process of moving silo'ed data sets into a Business Data Lake, they should simultaneously build a governance structure known as a Metadata Lake. The diagram below emphasizes that the Metadata Lake should contain, among other things, application policy metadata and infrastructure metadata.   The idea for creating a Metadata Lake was in response to the use case of Data Insurance. A data set insurer would need access to a Data Audit and Inventory System…
  • Ten Reasons Why VMware Is Leading The Hyperconverged Industry

    25 Mar 2015 | 8:26 am
    Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I’m not shy when it comes to a good competitive dust-up.  I’m OK with the usual puffery and slightly exaggerated claims.  All part of the fun. I’m not OK when I believe the claims are misleading. One startup is working very hard to convince everyone that they (and they alone) are leading the current trend in HCI — hyperconverged infrastructure.  One of their spokespeople even published a thoughtful piece listing the ten reasons why they thought they deserved the “leader” mantle. While I admire their…
  • Data Value and Placement Constraint

    25 Mar 2015 | 4:33 am
    In my last few posts I've been exploring the following thesis: As the economic value of data rises, the need for it to be stored on trusted infrastructure rises as well. The economic value of data can be thought of as "anticipated future value".  When a company writes a new application, there is an expectation that the app will bring monetary benefit to the business. In today's environment, the business manually chooses a specific data center (e.g. cloud) onto which the application (and its data) will be placed based on anticipated future value. In the long term I have…
  • Moving Data Value Up the Stack

    23 Mar 2015 | 5:22 am
    As I stated in my last post: As the economic value of data rises, the need for it to be stored on trusted infrastructure rises as well. This statement brings to mind a number of questions, including: How is the economic value of data calculated, initially and over time? How is that data mapped to the appropriate layer of trusted storage based on that value? The diagram below is a helpful start in order to answer those questions. The storage infrastructure on which valuable data resides must begin to surface a more robust "trust taxonomy". This surfacing of a trust taxonomy is likely…
  • Healthy weeds and beautiful flowers

    22 Mar 2015 | 8:11 pm
    Rusty on the blogging, but lets give it a lash. When it comes to M&A in the storage business, or even the technology business in general it’s deals which involve an acquirer buying a ‘beautiful flower,’ that generates the headlines. A beautiful flower in tech is a company which has established a brand name product, has a solid, growing customer base and has probably been through an IPO. Beautiful flowers tend to be ornate and well tended. They’re expensive because a lot of the hard work is done. The tough decisions were made and implemented. The development pain was taken and…
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    Fandango Movie News

  • Exclusive Poster Debut: 'Poltergeist'

    31 Mar 2015 | 10:00 am
    It’s baaaack! A frightening new vision of the horror classic Poltergeist is set to possess movie screens this summer, but until then check out Fandango’s exclusive debut of the haunting poster. The supernatural thriller starring Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt takes over theaters on May 22.   Click image to enlarge  Read MoreRead Comments
  • Poll: 'Poltergeist' - What Are you Most Afraid Of?

    31 Mar 2015 | 9:30 am
    ...Read MoreRead Comments
  • Exclusive Art: 'Fast and Furious': By the Numbers

    30 Mar 2015 | 5:13 pm
    Buckle up, hang on and check out this graphic that gives you a “by the numbers” look at one of the most successful franchises in movie history. Furious 7 races into theaters April 3.  Read MoreRead Comments
  • 10 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in Your Favorite Movies

    30 Mar 2015 | 1:56 pm
    You’ve watched your favorite films countless times, sure, but do you know all of their secrets? Many filmmakers slip subtle jokes and references, affectionately known as "easter eggs," into their work. Some of these have become common knowledge and others have remained well-kept secrets. Here are 10 that all movie fans should know.   Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) “Those aren’t the droids you’re looking for” -- because they’re in...Read MoreRead Comments
  • 'Furious 7': Which Member of the Crew Are You?

    30 Mar 2015 | 1:05 pm
    ...Read MoreRead Comments
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  • 23 Mar 2015 | 11:17 am

    23 Mar 2015 | 11:17 am
    Thank you sharing your creativity with the Fiskateer community. You play an important role in Fiskars’ history and will always be a Fiskateer. We will always be grateful for your passion and enthusiasm, and while we will no longer be updating the Fiskateer Facebook page, we look forward to maintaining and growing our relationship with you […] The post appeared first on Fiskateers.
  • Halloween gift tag clip

    23 Oct 2014 | 9:23 am
    I was playing around with my Tag Makers recently and stumbled upon the idea to attach the tag to a gift bag with a small wooden clothes peg rather than to tie it with twine through the hole at the top. This discovery was perfect timing since I’ve got some Halloween gift bags to make […] The post Halloween gift tag clip appeared first on Fiskateers.
  • Tag Maker Banner

    20 Oct 2014 | 10:03 am
    I’m sure you’ve seen the new Tag Maker punches which enable you to create handmade tags easily and quickly. They even feature a centered hole punch and eyelet setter – all in the same tool! As I’m sure you are aware, tags can be used for so many purposes beyond gift packaging labels. Check out the gallery […] The post Tag Maker Banner appeared first on Fiskateers.
  • Geometric Felt Coasters

    15 Sep 2014 | 11:50 am
    I’m still more than a little bit in love with the whole geometric trend. It’s such a strong, bold look and can be used in so many different ways. I was recently inspired by these modular coasters, spotted on the Purl Bee website and there’s always a place for new coasters in my home! I wanted […] The post Geometric Felt Coasters appeared first on Fiskateers.
  • Reusable lunch bags

    26 Aug 2014 | 7:00 am
    We are coming to the last few days of summer vacation, and I must admit I’m feeling nostalgic for the days when we still had a long, hot summer ahead of us. I think the kids are, in some ways, starting to feel ready to get back to school, but I’m feeling a little sad! […] The post Reusable lunch bags appeared first on Fiskateers.
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    Garmin Blog

  • Cannondale-Garmin rides to success in Spain and France

    30 Mar 2015 | 2:55 pm
      The Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling team scored two big victories over the weekend. On Saturday, Ben King secured the team’s first individual race win of the season with a Stage 1 victory during the Criterium International in Corsica, France. The 26-year old came in as a late replacement for a sick teammate and he rebounded from a crash last week in Milan San Remo in big fashion. “We’ve had some bad luck, but we haven’t lost our fighting spirit,” King said. “So, I desperately wanted to get the win for my teammates. That was my motivation. I’m happy I was able to…
  • Garmin Connect Introduces Redesigned Workouts

    30 Mar 2015 | 11:55 am
    We’re excited to announce that we have redesigned the workout feature in Garmin Connect. The redesign is now available for users in the modern view of Garmin Connect.  The redesign was implemented to improve usability and enhance the look and feel of the feature. You can create a bike, run or custom workout. Below is an example of a bike workout showcasing the new look: In addition to the new and improved look, you can now create a workout with 50 steps. Previously, only 20 steps were possible. That means there are no more excuses for cutting your custom workout short! …
  • Register Now for the 2015 WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon

    30 Mar 2015 | 7:55 am
    The Women’s Intersport Network for Kansas City (WIN for KC) was established in 1994 and is a national leader in empowering girls and women through sports and fitness. One of the events the organization empowers girls and women through is the WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon and they are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The event takes place in Smithville, Missouri on Saturday, July 25, 2015 and there’s still time to register! Make sure you hurry to guarantee a spot before registration closes. Click here to register. You can choose to compete individually or you can gather a…
  • Meet the West Coast Road Runners

    27 Mar 2015 | 1:55 pm
    It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to run or have completed multiple marathons, training with a coach and other runners can elevate your performance to another level. This is the why the West Coast Road Runners group was formed by Dan Guillory.   Dan is the head coach and a veteran of over 30 marathons. Dan has assembled a group of 26 coaches in San Diego that train over 1,000 runners for every distance imaginable. From 3.1 miles to 26.2, the West Coast Road Runners have you covered. One of the members in the group is Kevin Hopp and he ran the Carlsbad Marathon earlier…
  • Aviation eNewsletter Recap: Introducing Garmin Vantage ADS-B Solutions

    26 Mar 2015 | 10:18 am
    Perhaps you missed our latest Aviation eNewsletter this week? If so, you missed quite a bit! In our eNewsletter this week, we featured a number of new product announcements that we have introduced over the last several weeks, including a variety of ADS-B solutions! Check out some brief highlights from the latest Aviation eNewsletter below: Several weeks ago, we were proud to unveil Garmin Vantage, the industry’s most comprehensive line-up of ADS-B solutions. These ADS-B solutions serve a diverse number of aircraft and their operators, including experimental, general aviation, helicopter,…
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    GE Global Research

  • Pit Boss Reflects on Bot Challenge

    Lynn DeRose
    27 Mar 2015 | 6:54 am
    Hi everyone, from BBQ to robots all in the same week! This past weekend I had the privilege to volunteer at the FIRST™ Robotics Competition (FRC) NY Tech Valley Regional at RPI.  And, I mean it was a privilege. It is amazing and inspirational watching and talking with all of the teams. Seeing them work together, competing against each other and at the same time cheering each other on. Seeing examples of gracious professionalism as teams helped each other with programming, robot repairs, sharing parts and equipment — it is awe-inspiring! FIRST™ stands for “For Inspiration and…
  • Using process modeling tools to attain cost-effective results for GE customers

    Jimmy Lopez
    26 Mar 2015 | 7:02 am
    Sometimes, we need to look outside the box to realize the powerful tools we have inside. Such is the case with chemical process simulator software. This extensive collection of mathematical models addresses different physical and chemical phenomena and can be extremely valuable for chemical process optimization. Additionally, this software can help transform a simple technology or solution into a significant global process improvement for productivity and economics. Taking a higher perspective From a chemical process perspective, we commonly tend to optimize, or just improve, the performance…
  • Science and BBQ: GE makes its mark … and bark!

    Lynn DeRose
    20 Mar 2015 | 10:29 am
    This is the fifth in a five-part series of dispatches fromGE’s Science of Barbecue Experience at South by Southwest. Ourstate-of-the-art Brilliant Super-Smokeris outfitted with sensors to collect data as our barbecue cooks and two GE Global Research scientists are on hand to serve as pitmasters and interpret the data.Click here to read the first installment, the second installment, the third installment, and the fourth installment.  One last hello from Austin, Texas!  Todd and I are sitting in the Austin airport waiting for our flight home to Albany.  It is a great airport too, easy…
  • BBQ Science Experiments Reveal Winning Rack of Ribs

    Lynn DeRose
    16 Mar 2015 | 5:05 pm
    This is the fourth in a five-part series of dispatches fromGE’s Science of Barbecue Experience at South by Southwest. Ourstate-of-the-art Brilliant Super-Smokeris outfitted with sensors to collect data as our barbecue cooks and two GE Global Research scientists are on hand to serve as pitmasters and interpret the data.Click here to read the first installment, the second installment, the third installment, and the fifth installment.   Another Good Morning from Austin Texas!  This is my last morning in Austin – tomorrow I will be flying back to winter in Upstate New York. …
  • The GE BBQ Center is open, innovating and serving some delicious BBQ

    Lynn DeRose
    15 Mar 2015 | 12:19 pm
    This is the third in a five-part series of dispatches fromGE’s Science of Barbecue Experience at South by Southwest. Ourstate-of-the-art Brilliant Super-Smokeris outfitted with sensors to collect data as our barbecue cooks and two GE Global Research scientists are on hand to serve as pitmasters and interpret the data.Click here to read the first installment, the second installment, the fourth installment, and the fifth installment.   Another Good Morning from Austin, Texas! Yesterday was the first day the GE BBQ Research Center was open to the public and we were super busy to say…
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  • Tech Transfer Helps Fuel Chevrolet Racing Effort

    GM FastLane
    27 Mar 2015 | 3:04 pm
    When Chevrolet decided to return to IndyCar racing three years ago, the manufacturer deemed three factors critical: An engine package – small displacement (2.2L), higher performance (V6) with turbocharging and direct injection – relevant to current and future production models Fuel efficiency through renewable fuels Brand identity using Chevrolet engineers to design an aero kit specific to Chevrolet-powered cars With the first two factors in place, Chevrolet returned to the series in 2012 and promptly won back-to-back-to-back manufacturer’s championships and two driver’s titles. This…
  • Diversity is Key to Colorado’s Versatility

    GM FastLane
    27 Mar 2015 | 8:49 am
    Ensuring the new 2015 Colorado is more capable, comfortable and connected than any other midsize truck required engineers to think outside of the (pickup) box – and that’s exactly what both Anita Burke, chief engineer for the Colorado, and Jennifer Goforth, director of Global Accessories, helped the development team do. For Burke, a life-long pickup truck enthusiast, engineering the Colorado involved paying close attention to every small detail. “I wanted to bring in what customers were lacking over the last ten years in the midsize truck segment,” said Burke. “Consumers didn’t…
  • Chevrolet Will Offer Hybrid Version of Next-Gen Malibu

    Greg Melvin I GM Sustainability Communications
    26 Mar 2015 | 1:27 pm
    Chevrolet announced the next chapter in its electrification story: a new hybrid version of the Malibu midsize sedan for the 2016 model year. The all-new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu, on sale at the end of this year, is engineered to be more fuel-efficient, safer and connected than ever. The Malibu Hybrid uses technology from the 2016 Chevrolet Volt while introducing additional features to further improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics and reduce its fuel consumption. Malibu Hybrid will offer an estimated combined fuel economy rating exceeding 45 mpg, higher than the combined mileage ratings of the…
  • The Whole Package: 7 Ways Companies Can Reduce Packaging Waste

    Greg Melvin I GM Sustainability Communications
    24 Mar 2015 | 7:50 am
    Packaging waste is an important issue businesses and consumers alike must address as it accounts for as much as 40 percent of all solid waste in municipal waste streams. According to the U.S. EPA, residential, commercial and institutional users generate more than 75 million tons of container and packaging waste each year. Yet only about half of that waste is properly recycled, which means about 37 million tons of packaging waste ends up in a landfill. At General Motors, we incur packaging waste as a result of shipping products around the country and overseas. But we’re committed to finding…
  • Life With Stingray: Part IV

    GM FastLane
    20 Mar 2015 | 10:08 am
    For those of you who read the first three installments in my “Life with Stingray” series, you will recall I became fortunate recipient of an Alpine White Corvette Stingray in 2014. As a former automotive journalist who has tested many exotic vehicles, I love the thrill that comes from driving a car that has rarely been seen, and in 2015, the thrill continues. The unexpected interactions with other drivers is priceless: “Just wanted to ask about the car. Is it yours?” or “Is it as fast as they say?” or “So cool. Can I sit in it and take a picture?” While I braced myself for…
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    The Official Google Blog

  • Smartbox by Inbox: the mailbox of tomorrow, today

    Google Blogs
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:00 pm
    Mail is a wondrous thing. From the early days of the homing pigeon to the herculean efforts of the Pony Express, mail has connected us for generations. The advent of email brought the world even closer together. And yet, despite this leap forward, physical mail still just sits there. In a box. All day. So today we’re excited to introduce Smartbox—a better, smarter mailbox that fuses physical mail with everything you love about the electronic kind:Smartbox is currently in field trial—stuck in the ground, in a field—for Inbox by Gmail customers. If you’re not yet using Inbox, simply…
  • Through the Google lens: Search trends March 20-26

    Google Blogs
    27 Mar 2015 | 3:48 pm
    Searches for March Madness are still surviving and advancing, but this week brought with it a host of other stories to spur your search questions. Here’s a look at what people were searching for this week: Germanwings Flight 9525On Tuesday, Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps, killing all 150 people who were onboard. In the wake of the tragedy, people around the world have turned to search to learn more about the crash and subsequent investigation. Early searches included questions about Lufthansa, Germanwings’ parent company, and about the type of plane that had crashed;…
  • It's time to put America’s small businesses on the map

    Google Blogs
    25 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    If you searched for “Dependable Care near Garland, TX” a few months ago, you would have seen a lot of search results—but not the one that mattered to Marieshia Hicks. Marieshia runs Dependable Care Health Service in Garland, and it was her business that was missing. But that all changed last month when she attended a workshop at the Garland Chamber of Commerce called Let’s Put Garland on the Map.The workshop, run by our Get Your Business Online team, showed her how to use Google My Business—a tool that allows business owners to control the info listed about their business on Google…
  • Through the Google lens: Search trends March 13-19

    Google Blogs
    20 Mar 2015 | 3:56 pm
    Whether you’re glued to the small screen or you’ve got your eyes on the sky this week, search is there to answer your questions. Here’s a look at this week in search:TV goldFOX’s “Empire” has built a kingdom of fans during its first season on the air. This week’s finale not only brought the TV show its highest number of viewers—it also had its largest spike in search interest to date with 200,000+ searches Wednesday night. The two-hour finale delivered a king-sized serving of soap opera-esque surprises, ending in a cliffhanger that had fans eager for more (“When does…
  • Bringing street art to your daily life

    Google Blogs
    17 Mar 2015 | 8:30 am
    For more than 20 years, New Yorkers and street art lovers worldwide made the pilgrimage to 5Pointz, a building in Long Island City called the "Graffiti Mecca" because of its brightly colored, ever-changing walls. Artists from around the world covered every inch of the 200,000-square foot exterior with more than 350 technicolor murals. But last summer, this building on Davis Street was whitewashed over by developers, then demolished.Street art like that at 5Pointz transforms public spaces into open-air galleries, adding vibrancy to urban landscapes. But using the city as a canvas often means…
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    Graco Heart to Heart Blog

  • 5 Tips for Securing Your Child in a 5-Point Harness

    Ashley Mowrey
    30 Mar 2015 | 1:24 pm
    As many as 7 out of 10 children are not properly buckled in child safety seats (According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Follow these easy tips to help your child ride safe!
  • Precious Cargo

    Ashley Mowrey
    30 Mar 2015 | 1:23 pm
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of injury-related death for children ages 1 to 12. Greatly reduce the likelihood of injuries while your little one is in a vehicle by following these American Academy of Pediatrics’ Best Practices.
  • Get Inspired in 2015

    Ashley Mowrey
    15 Jan 2015 | 10:51 am
    Fashion starts early with these cute new Graco styles, inspired by adorable, mom-approved trends. Affinia: Inspired by bold design and cool geometry. Azalea: Inspired by airy flowers and pretty prints. Stratus: Inspired by blue skies and puffy, soft clouds. Sunshine: Inspired by bright ideas and sunny dispositions. Whisk: Inspired by delicious bites that bring loved ones together. Zuba: Inspired by the whimsical animals of baby’s dreams.
  • Boost Up for Back to School

    Ashley Mowrey
    19 Aug 2014 | 1:15 pm
    It’s that time again – your big kiddos are going back to school! Along with back-to-school shopping for the latest fashions, Sharpie ®markers, Papermate ®pens, Rubbermaid® LunchBlox™ and pencils, you may be gearing up for another back-to-school tradition: carpooling. Of course, whenever cars and kids are involved, safety is the top priority. So, as your little (or big!) one heads back to school this year, we hope you’ll enjoy our helpful tips – based on the respected American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) recommendations – to help keep all kids safe on their way to school,…
  • Graco Recalls the Harness Buckles on Select Infant Car Seats: What You Need to Know

    Ashley Mowrey
    1 Jul 2014 | 6:01 am
    As some of you may know, we’ve been working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to address issues that some consumers were having difficulty opening the harness buckles used on select infant car seats. As a result, we are recalling an older model of harness buckle used on infant car seats manufactured between July 2010 and May 2013. As a solution, Graco will offer a free updated replacement buckle. In reviewing the matter further with NHTSA, we found that an older buckle design used on select infant car seats was difficult to open. Although they might look the…
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    Comment is free | The Guardian

  • Won't somebody think of the swift parrots? | First Dog on the Moon

    First Dog on the Moon
    31 Mar 2015 | 9:27 pm
    Tasmania’s swift parrot population faces imminent collapse. Luckily there is a selfie-taking threatened species commissioner in the wingsGet all your needs met at the First Dog shop if what you need is First Dog merchandise and printsSign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are published. Continue reading...
  • With her network, Lambie sets herself up as a Tasmanian Pauline Hanson | Glenn Kefford and Duncan McDonnell

    Glenn Kefford and Duncan McDonnell
    31 Mar 2015 | 9:27 pm
    Jacqui Lambie is popular in the disadvantaged north of Tasmania. With some careful gaming of electoral rules, she could go from amusement to contender Less than a week after the launch of the Dick Smith party, another political movement named after its creator was announced: the Jacqui Lambie network. Her latest move makes it clear she’s setting herself up as a Tasmanian regionalist and rightwing populist. While Lambie’s antics have been the source of much amusement among commentators, it throws up an interesting question: could Lambie be Tasmania’s answer to Pauline Hanson after all?
  • I no longer call Australia home. Instead I keep the whole country in my pocket | Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:52 pm
    Losing the everyday world of home was once, for many, the cost of migration. Two self-imposed exiles later, I’ve found ways to improvise a kind of citizenshipI last tried living outside Australia in 2005. A decade isn’t a long time in the scope of human history, but for the expatriate – or one, anyway – it was entirely different era. After I moved to the UK, it was much easier to cut oneself adrift from events at home. Related: Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants? Related: Immigrants in their own words: 100 stories Continue reading...
  • It's only fair. Business should pay its employees' Hecs debt | Van Badham

    Van Badham
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:46 pm
    Labor’s Hecs scheme is the template upon which Christopher Pyne’s current university funding policy rests. Both parties are missing the mark The Liberal party didn’t do a lot of talking about their higher education policy before the last election. In the wake of their university fee deregulation plans now defeated in the Senate not once, but twice, and the Group of Eight universities abandoning support for the bill, the time is right for a vibrant and necessary discussion about education that may yet be the most positive outcome of this “uncertain” time. Related: Senate blocks…
  • Twiggy Forrest is right: we shouldn't sell our natural resources at bargain basement prices | Richard Denniss

    Richard Denniss
    31 Mar 2015 | 4:54 pm
    Twiggy Forrest understands what the Saudis always have – because you only get to sell your natural resources once, you get the best price you can For decades the Saudis have worked on the assumption that restricting the supply of oil to keep its price high was the best way to get rich. And for decades Australian governments, state and federal, have worked on the assumption that building as many mines as possible would make Australians rich.One of these assumptions is completely wrong, and last week Twiggy Forrest was howled down for suggesting that the Saudis might be on to something.
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    Hu's Blog

  • ENIGMA: Cracking an Encryption Engine

    Hu Yoshida
    30 Mar 2015 | 4:57 pm
    On the way home from New York last week I saw the movie “Imitation Game”, which is the story of Alan Turing who led the effort to break the Enigma code with fellow mathematicians at Bletchley Park in the UK during World War II. Although, I rarely watch movies on long plane rides, I was fascinated by this movie, since I had just blogged about data encryption. I am certainly not an expert on the subject of encryption or the history of Enigma, so most of what I am posting here comes from this movie and Wikipedia. Please send me comments if you find anything that is incorrect or would like to…

    Hu Yoshida
    30 Mar 2015 | 4:49 pm
    My father was born in Hawaii, where Ohana means family. In the Hawaiian culture ohana binds family and friends, to work together and remember one another.   So when I think about HDS and SAP the word OHANA comes to mind.  Why you ask?  Because Hitachi and SAP’s partnership is entering its 21st year and we are currently an SAP global service and global technology partner as well as an OEM partner. Our blade technology and UCP solutions with SAP HANA have earned us a leading position among SAP partners.  At the end of this month we expect to finish the acquisition of oXya, an SAP cloud…
  • SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering and Hitachi UCP

    Hu Yoshida
    30 Mar 2015 | 4:27 pm
    I received a question on my last post about the Dynamic Tiering feature announced in SAP HANA SPS 9. The question is how this differs from paging. The simple answer is that Dynamic Tiering is a database management feature while paging is a memory management feature. While SAP HANA is an in-memory database, it is able to tier “warm” data in the database through an extended table schema, which is now part of the HANA database catalog in memory, while the primary data image resides on storage that is outside of memory. For an explanation of SAP Dynamic Tiering you can reference this post…
  • Dispelling Myths about IOPs

    Hu Yoshida
    20 Mar 2015 | 11:51 am
    Since the SPC numbers for the G1000 came in at 2 million IOPs and blew away every other all flash array vendor, there have been a number of posts in the blog sphere discussing the relevance of IOPs as a measure of performance. Lets look at some of the myths about IOPs MYTH #1:  IOPS ARE NOT RELEVANT I agree that IOPS alone are not relevant. However, IOPs are relevant when it is measured within the context of response time, workload, and cost. The G1000′s 2 million IOPS grabbed a lot of attention, but the real story was that G1000 was able to sustain an average response time of .96 ms,…

    Hu Yoshida
    4 Mar 2015 | 2:22 am
    For the last five years, Hitachi Data Systems has been following a three-step vision and strategy that was defined by our CEO, Jack Domme, which he first presented at an Executive Advisory Board in August 2010. The foundation for this vision and strategy starts with a continuous infrastructure that enables the non-disruptive access to data, applications, and information over a virtualized infrastructure. The second step was a content management system for structured and unstructured data, that could scale from edge, to core, to public cloud and be accessible anywhere, any time, over any…
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    Inside Scoop

  • IEM Day 2 In Pictures

    Don Bowden
    13 Mar 2015 | 7:22 am
    We are into day 2 here at the IEM World Championships and  the opening ceremonies have just taken place on the main stage. The first LoL match between Korea’s CE Tigers and San Jose’s own Cloud 9 is getting ready to start. Not many words today just some pictures from the opening ceremony. The countdown to opening Opening Ceremonies The first match Our LoL analyst team The crowd CE Tigers Cloud 9, the winners of San Jose IEM Focus More of the crowd The post IEM Day 2 In Pictures appeared first on Inside Scoop.
  • An Intel Extreme Masters Like No Other

    Don Bowden
    12 Mar 2015 | 8:37 am
    Intel Extreme Masters World Championships kick off today here in Katowice Poland at the Spodek Arena and Katowice International Congress Center. StarCraft II and League Of Legends players will be battling it out over the next four days to earn a share of the $183,414 prize pool and the coveted Intel Extreme Masters trophy. At last year’s World Championships the main gaming stage and the free gaming zone shared the floor of the Spodek Arena, this year the free gaming zone is in the IEM Expo located in the brand spankin new Katowice International Congress Center adjacent to the Spodek Arena.
  • Evolving the Intel® Atom™ Processor Brand

    Merlin Kister
    25 Feb 2015 | 8:08 am
    When it comes to choosing a PC, many of us know that the “brains” inside the PC — the processor — is an important factor in determining what to buy.  The processor’s performance is key to the overall PC experience you receive — impacting what kind of tasks it can handle, how long they will take, ability to multitask and more. A few years back in an effort to simplify our brands, we introduced a new brand construct for our flagship PC Intel® Core™ processor brand.  We are now introducing a similar construct for the Intel® Atom™ processor brand for mobile devices. …
  • Intel’s User Experience Vision

    Jason Hoffman
    17 Feb 2015 | 8:50 am
    This year’s CES 2015 has come and gone. If you were lucky enough to be there and see the amazing Intel booth, you probably heard a lot about user experience, or “UX” for short. That’s because Intel is searching for ways to improve the user experience. We’ve shown in the past a little Intel technology can go a long way toward taking something from “it kind of works” to it becoming a reliable, consistent, and usable solution. We decided to take a close look at it to find out how to make it the experience everyone wants. After a lot of research what we…
  • Intel Extreme Masters Taipei Wrapup

    Don Bowden
    5 Feb 2015 | 10:52 am
    Well, so much for my prediction abilities… in my previous post I predicted herO to win over rain in the StarCraft II finals here in Taipei… wasn’t even close, neither one made it to the semi-finals. It was Life taking the win over Maru 4 to 3 in a closely fought battle. Looking back on the outcome of the StarCraft II tournament in San Jose I was sure I called it right when I predicted herO to win. Hopefully I can do better at the World Championships. You can read an in-depth recap of the quarterfinal matches at the Intel Extreme Masters website. Speaking of World Championships, they…
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    Johnson & Johnson

  • In Motion at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Meeting

    30 Mar 2015 | 7:44 am
    By Michel Orsinger, Worldwide Chairman, Global Orthopaedics Group I often say that the human body is meant to be in motion. This week, the amazing technologies that make that possible, and the dedicated men and women who apply those technologies in orthopaedic surgery, were out in force at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). DePuy Synthes was proud to be there as the world’s largest and most comprehensive orthopaedics company. Three essential components work to keep bodies in motion: innovative solutions, dedicated surgeons, and supportive healthcare…
  • #MuseumWeek and the Importance of Heritage

    26 Mar 2015 | 8:48 am
    By Margaret Gurowitz, Chief Historian, Johnson & Johnson This week, thousands of museums and their fans across the world are celebrating #Museum Week. It’s an opportunity to use social media to engage people and get them excited about museums. Johnson & Johnson is proud to participate this year for the first time. As the chief historian for Johnson & Johnson – and as a lifelong museum nerd – it’s not difficult to get me started on talking about the rich history of Johnson & Johnson and about our museum.   Since Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886, our company…
  • The Yin and Yang of Technology and Healthcare

    25 Mar 2015 | 1:03 pm
    By Kris Sterkens, Company Group Chairman, Janssen, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, Asia Pacific Earlier this month in Singapore, I had the privilege of speaking at the Healthcare Innovation Summit Asia, an annual event that evaluates the value of technology in improving health outcomes for our region. Both science and technology continue to have a positive impact on our lives while converging on so many levels, so it was a valuable opportunity to explore how this interconnectivity can deliver innovative solutions that address unmet medical needs. Big Data is enabling…
  • An End-to-End Approach to Advancing Medical Innovation

    23 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Last week, Dr. William Hait, Global Head, Janssen Research & Development, and  Member of the Research!America Board, published a guest blog post on where he underscored the importance of collaborating with key stakeholders to form an end-to-end approach to enhance critically needed research. Dr. Hait emphasized that “solving complex research challenges requires more than individual effort. It also takes the willingness and skill to bring together government, academia and the private sector.” He noted that innovative approaches that enhance the speed of medical…
  • The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    23 Mar 2015 | 8:57 am
    By Yvette Williams, Manager, Political Programs, Johnson & Johnson U.S. Government Affairs & Policy My parents were from humble beginnings.  “Ma,” as I called her, was from North Carolina, and dad heralded from West Virginia.  They met in Washington, D.C., at a time when it was common for African-Americans to leave rural towns to pursue jobs in major cities.  Both were subject to Jim Crow laws that required separate accommodations for blacks and whites. Neither achieved a college degree.  However, both had a strong work ethic and common sense, which they passed on to me,…
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    Official LinkedIn Blog

  • LinkedIn’s New Graduate School Rankings: Taking the Guesswork out of Grad School Decisions

    Itamar Orgad
    24 Mar 2015 | 11:02 am
    With graduation just around the corner, hundreds of thousands of students are anxiously preparing to either launch into their careers or head to graduate school. We have some exciting news to share today for the latter group, but first, a little story. In March 2009, I was working as a Product Marketing Manager in an 80-person Israeli software company that develops software solutions for travel businesses. After two years in the role, I was ready for my next play and was looking for ways to accelerate my career towards my longer term goal – building great consumer products that would…
  • Hey Job Seeker, It’s Time To Get Up And Get Hired

    Daniel Ayele
    19 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    The world of job seeking can be all consuming. From secretly stalking the open reqs page of your dream company to sending endless applications into the black hole of online job listings, your job search can quickly begin to feel like a job in and of itself. Enter the brand new LinkedIn Job Search app for Android a one-stop shop for Android users’ job seeking needs. The app touts all of the features iOS members have come to rely on with their app counterpart, but was built from the ground up specifically for the Android experience – featuring left and right hand navigation menus and an…
  • LinkedIn Opens Up Profiles to Higher Education Partners with One-Click Program

    Gagan Shah
    18 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    Students are the beating heart of any educational institution – and long after they graduate from a college or university, they remain an important and vital representation of that institution and all it has to offer. Today, colleges and universities may invite their graduates to showcase their degrees and certificates on their LinkedIn profiles – all with the simple click of a button. Through LinkedIn’s Add-to-Profile program, educational institutions can embed a simple link on their websites and in emails sent directly to graduates. When graduates click that…
  • Opportunity, Not Calamity: How Losing My Job Kickstarted a New Career Journey [VIDEO]

    Lora Poepping
    12 Mar 2015 | 10:00 am
    UPDATE: Since we published this blog post in August 2014, Lora has transformed from a coach to a business person growing her own practice. To represent the expanding portfolio of services her business offers, she recently changed the name of her business from Plum Job Search Strategies to Plum Job Search, Recruiting & Coaching and has even hired 3 contractors to work for Plum. It’s been quite a journey for Lora, and she’s just getting started. When the ax falls on a job you’ve had for 13 years – which is what happened to me – it can be pretty devastating. But when my job…
  • LinkedIn’s Culture of Transformation [SLIDESHARE]

    Pat Wadors
    11 Mar 2015 | 6:01 am
    Culture is something we take pride in at LinkedIn. As the collective personality of our organization, it sets us apart, defines who we are and shapes what we aspire to be. We know that a company’s culture is more than a set of guiding principles; it is brought to life by the employees who exemplify it on a daily basis. At LinkedIn, talent is our number one operating priority. Each LinkedIn employee knows that while they are at Linkedin, they have the opportunity to transform themselves, the company, and the world. And that is why we place such an important emphasis on our employees, the…
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    Lulu Blog

  • How Self-Published Textbooks Bring Down the Cost of College Education

    19 Mar 2015 | 8:01 am
    At, we’ve noticed a trend in publications from educational field leaders. In fact, 9 out of our top 20 authors for the past year published textbooks. This movement to self-publishing isn’t necessarily a big surprise when you consider the exorbitant prices of textbooks that continue to rise. USA Today reports an 82% increase in textbook prices between 2002 and 2013. The Economist also recently reported the nominal price of textbooks has risen more than fifteen-fold since 1970, three times the rate of inflation. Based on a survey of more than 2,000 students from more than 150…
  • E-book or “Real” Book – Which Should You Publish First?

    5 Mar 2015 | 12:06 pm
    In the past, traditional publishing followed a well-defined path of first releasing a “real” book in the most expensive format possible, followed by a less expensive paperback and an eBook. Today, with self-published authors determining the formats and release order for their work, is the traditional path still relevant? Should a print book be released prior to an electronic book? Most of the books I have published are available in both print and electronic formats, but when I published Reality Check, I only published it as an eBook. The reason was that I wanted the book to be available…
  • Infographic: The Value of a Book

    Brook Terran
    5 Mar 2015 | 7:01 am
    In honor of World Book Day, we have created an infographic that shows the value of a book when you go through the traditional publishing process vs. the self-publishing route.
  • UNC MBA’s in the House!

    Brook Terran
    25 Feb 2015 | 1:26 pm
    Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming three MBA students from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School to Lulu for a day of hands-on, out of the classroom learning. Elisa Lin, Caspar Xu and Zach Shapiro spent the day with us learning all about Lulu, how we’re structured and how the company is run day in and day out.   At Lulu, we’re passionate about serving the local community and helping to inspire the budding entrepreneurs in the area. So when UNC Kenan-Flagler asked us to participate in their program and open our doors for their students, we were thrilled to join in. UNC…
  • 2015 Writing Resolutions: 7 Tips for Staying on Track

    19 Feb 2015 | 11:12 am
    By now, most people have realized their 2015 resolutions are in serious danger of falling to the wayside. You are not alone. On average, only 8% of New Year’s resolutionists are successful in reaching their proclaimed goals. But, with resolve and a little encouragement, you may count yourself among the determined 8% at year’s end. Here are seven tips to help get your writing resolutions back on the road to success. #1 – Define your why You say you want to lose weight, quit smoking, start / finish writing your novel, devote more time to marketing your book, or find more…
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    Marriott on the Move

  • Interviewed by a Millennial (Part 2)

    Marriott on the Move
    29 Mar 2015 | 6:13 am
    Cornell University School of Hotel Administration students My Favorite Things, Career Advice & Online Dating My blog assistant, Ayanna, was so probing with her questions last week that we had plenty of good material left over. (If you missed it, here's Part 1.) As with all good interviewers, Ayanna waited...
  • Interviewed by a Millennial (Part 1)

    Marriott on the Move
    22 Mar 2015 | 1:05 pm
    This week, I’m doing something different. Ayanna Alleyne, our social media maven at Marriott and my blog assistant, wants to ask me some questions. She’s a bonafide Millennial, 60 years younger than me. I’m sure this will be like no other interview. So, here we go: Ayanna: Mr. Marriott, I’ve...
  • Consoling the Loss of a Pekingese

    Marriott on the Move
    15 Mar 2015 | 5:36 am
    I get a lot of great letters from our guests and here’s how one letter began: Oz at the Henry Hotel “I am writing to praise your outstanding team at the Henry Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan.” Attached to this letter was this picture of a beautiful Pekingese sitting in the...
  • The Haiti Principle

    Marriott on the Move
    10 Mar 2015 | 5:23 pm
    My daughter, Debbie Marriott Harrison, recently returned from the ceremonial opening of the Port-au-Prince Marriott Hotel in Haiti. Debbie is our company’s global officer for Marriott culture and business councils. She was so moved by her trip that I thought it best for her to share it on my blog....
  • Destination Haiti

    Marriott on the Move
    1 Mar 2015 | 11:10 am
    I’ve worked on a lot of development deals, but none have involved a former U.S. President, celebrities and our associates. It’s an incredible story of an inspired group coming together to build and now open the Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel in Haiti. Just five years ago on January 12, 2010, a...
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    The Old New Thing

  • What was the relationship between Outlook and Outlook Express?

    Raymond Chen - MSFT
    31 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    Brian wonders whether project Stimpy became Outlook Express. As noted in the article, projects Ren and Stimpy were merged into a single project, which became Outlook. You could say that Stimpy became Outlook, too. Outlook Express (code name Athena) was originally known as Internet Mail and News. This was back in the day when the cool, hip thing for Web browsers to do was to incorporate as many Internet client features as possible. In the case of Internet Mail and News, this was POP (mail) and NNTP (news). After Outlook became a breakout hit, the Internet Mail and News project was renamed to…
  • I want you to chase your sisters until they throw up

    Raymond Chen - MSFT
    30 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    A friend of mine grew up in a rural area. The family got their water from a well and had to fluoridate it manually with tablets. When my friend was a little girl, she was playing around the house with one of her friends (let's call her friend Alice). They got into the kitchen cabinet and found these candy-like things and ate them. When her mother discovered that they had eaten fluoride tablets, she called the poison control center for advice. In addition to telling her to give the girls something-or-other, they instructed her to keep the girls moving until they vomited up the tablets. As it…
  • How do I make a boldface item on a context menu?

    Raymond Chen - MSFT
    30 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    Today's Little Program displays a context menu with a bold item. I sort of talked about this some time ago, but now I'm going to actually do it. Remember, the boldface item represents the default item. You should set it to the action that would have taken place if the user had double-clicked the object. Start with our scratch program and make the following changes: void OnContextMenu(HWND hwnd, HWND hwndContext, UINT xPos, UINT yPos) { HMENU hmenu = CreatePopupMenu(); AppendMenu(hmenu, MF_STRING, 100, TEXT("&First")); AppendMenu(hmenu, MF_STRING, 101, TEXT("&Second"));…
  • Flaw reported in Windows 95

    Raymond Chen - MSFT
    27 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    One of my colleagues ran across this old news clipping from 20 years ago today. Flaw reported in Windows 95 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SAN MATEO, Calif. — Microsoft Corp.'s long-awaited Windows 95 operating system has a flaw that can freeze up computers when running certain applications, InfoWorld magazine said Friday. The company is aware of the problem but is shipping 450,000 anyway as part of a preview program, the magazine said. "I fear that unless Microsoft goes back to the drawing board on this operating system, only light users will get anything out of it," said Nicholas Petreley, the…
  • Switching on a tuple: Sneaky trick

    Raymond Chen - MSFT
    26 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    This is a sneaky trick, but it's sometimes a handy sneaky trick. Suppose you have two values, and you want to switch on the tuple. In other words, you want a switch statement for something like this: if (val1 == 1 && val2 == 0) { Thing_1_0(); } else if ((val1 == 1 && val2 == 1 || (val1 == 1 && val2 == 2)) { Thing_1_12(); } else if (val1 == 2 && val2 == 0) { Thing_2_0(); } ... etc ... You could try writing switch (val1, val2) { case 1, 0: Thing_1_0(); break; case 1, 1: case 1, 2: Thing_1_12(); break; case 2, 0: Thing_2_0(); break; ... } but that doesn't do what…
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    Oracle Bloggers

  • データベースクラウドの未来:オラクルが推し進めるハイブリッドクラウドの可能性、データベースクラウドの全ぼうを見る

    OPN News Japan 3 -Oracle
    31 Mar 2015 | 7:42 pm
    今日の企業ITにおいて、クラウドは不可欠なピースとなった。それでは、データベースシステムでは、どのようなクラウドが使えて、どういったメリットが得られるのか?──それを知るのに最適なイベントが2015年4月9日~10日に都内で開催される。 日本オラクルの「Oracle CloudWorld Tokyo 2015」だ。  詳細はこちらをご覧ください。
  • 製品開発と営業の担当が本音で議論:「オールフラッシュ、インメモリなど、Oracle Exadata X5の新機能は本当に使えるのか、どう使うのか?」──全ての疑問に答える

    OPN News Japan 3 -Oracle
    31 Mar 2015 | 7:22 pm
    日本オラクルが2015年1月にリリースした「Oracle Exadata X5」では、オールフラッシュストレージをはじめ、さらなる機能強化が図られた。そこで企業が気になるのは、「それらの機能は本当に使えるのか、どう使うのか。」ということだろう。そんな疑問に率直に答えるQ&Aセッションが実施された。  詳細はこちらをご覧ください。
  • Oracle GoldenGate各種技術コンテンツをOTNサイトで公開中!

    OPN News Japan 3 -Oracle
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:55 pm
    パートナー企業の多くの技術者様から、Oracle GoldenGateに関する技術情報のお問い合わせをいただく機会が、以前に比べてますます増えてきております。 Oracle GoldenGateに関する技術は、Oracle Technology Networkの製品サイトで公開中です。 「お役立ち情報」のページでは、Oracle GoldenGateの過去のセミナー/セッション資料の提供や、セットアップガイドなど各種情報を掲載中です。 ぜひ、一度アクセスしてみてください!
  • 4月17日、Oracle GoldenGateテクニカルセミナー開催

    OPN News Japan 3 -Oracle
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:12 pm
    2月20日に開催したセミナーが大好評をいただき、追加開催いたします! 国内導入事例も100社を超え、様々なノウハウが蓄積されてきましたが、これまで日本オラクルが蓄積してきた導入検討段階から運用保守フェーズで有益となる知見を、広く公開情報として展開いたします。 本セミナーでは、製品Specialistが公開コンテンツをベースに技術情報を共有いたします。  詳細、お申し込みはこちらをご覧ください。
  • Oracle BI Cloud Service Webサイト公開

    OPN News Japan 3 -Oracle
    31 Mar 2015 | 5:49 pm
    「Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service」は、エンドユーザーによるセルフサービス型の操作と簡易な運用、堅牢なセキュリティ環境を実現したクラウド型BIサービスです。  サービス概要はこちら。(リンク準備中)
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    The Cleanest Line

  • The Release – Fundamentals of fish and the path to responsible angling

    31 Mar 2015 | 5:22 pm
    By Andy J. Danylchuk, PhD Recreational angling is an incredibly popular leisure activity in North America, spanning a wide demographic of our society and occurring almost every place fish can be found. Tools and techniques for recreational angling are also vast and selecting the right gear often consumes a lot of our leisure time, basements, and wallets. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ sport and, for the most part, I think we like it that way. Given recreational angling’s popularity, breadth and depth, this also means that many different kinds of fish are caught in many different ways.
  • Effervescent Lunacy in Las Vegas

    27 Mar 2015 | 3:26 pm
    Words and photos by Greta Hyland The irony was not lost on me as I sat crossed legged in Las Vegas at a youth soccer tournament reading, The Solace of Open Spaces, by Gretel Ehrlich. The sound of traffic from the freeway merged with referees’ whistles and yelling coaches. I looked through the mountain of casinos hovering just beyond the concrete straps stretched in front of me at the expansive landscape beyond. Even with all the noise and obstacles it was still hauntingly alluring and drew my sight through the cityscape as though it were a ghost. I marveled at how even a city like Las Vegas…
  • #VidaPatagonia – Blockbuster, a new route on the west face of Mojon Rojo

    25 Mar 2015 | 4:25 pm
    By Luka Krajnc Coming to Patagonia with big goals can be an unpredictable thing.  Tadej Krišelj and I found ourselves at the wrong place below the triangular snowfield on Cerro Torres’ east face surrounded by snowflakes, spindrift and the first signs of avalanches. Backing off was more of a lesson than a failure and a few hours later we were squeezing under a dripping boulder bivy surprised by the snowy outcome of the relatively good forecast. The Patagonian weather had lived up to its reputation.  The next morning the sun welcomed us with its warmth which was perfect for drying the…
  • Mile for Mile, Part 2 – The Run

    18 Mar 2015 | 4:11 pm
    By Jeff Browning How do you tell the story of 106 miles in two days in a short and concise manner? It’s nearly impossible—similar to trying to restore an ecosystem and build a national park. So many little steps, so many little stories. Our route would take us through the new Patagonia Park. Starting north in the town of Chile Chico on the edge of the nearly 400,000-acre Jeinimeni Reserve, dropping into Valle Chacabuco on day one. Day two would take us through Valle Chacabuco to the Park’s headquarters, up and over Cerro Tamanguito and into the southern beech forests of Tamango National…
  • The Climbing is the Easy Part These Days – A report on the FA of Slesse's Heart of Darkness, Colin Haley and Dylan Johnson, 8 March 2015

    17 Mar 2015 | 5:29 pm
    By Dylan Johnson Things have changed. That old "live simply" ethos Jenna and I lived by, roaming around the desert and mountains in our '83 Dodge Prospector van (with a sci-fi mural on the hood and velvet interior), feels a bit like a past life. Climbing these days is tightly packed between a life of airports, computers, conference calls and meetings—logging huge numbers of hours running my architecture practice. Time at home is spent cradling Olivia (our newborn) in the middle of the night or jogging alongside Emma (our two year old) as she rides her bike to school for the first time—or…
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    PumpTalk - Petro-Canada

  • Fossil in the Fuel: Suncor's Rare Dinosaur Find

    26 Mar 2015 | 10:53 am
    This week, I thought we could do the ultimate #ThrowbackThursday here on PumpTalk by going back a few million years, to when dinosaurs roamed the earth! When I was a kid, I was told that oil was made from the...<img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
  • Keeping Your Car Interior Clean Can Help Keep You Healthy

    19 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    I climbed into our vehicle last weekend and caught a whiff of something musty. After some intense investigative sniffing, I still had no idea where the smell was coming from. Then I noticed some green gunge around the window seals...<img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
  • Call Someone Who Cares: Top 5 Reasons to Get Roadside Assistance

    12 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    We have a friend named Daniel, who will show up and help you with anything. Moving? Call Daniel. Out of donuts? Call Daniel. Car trouble? Daniel is on his way. Even when we're halfway across the world and encounter some...<img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
  • Monthly Poll: Would you go out of your way for full serve?

    5 Mar 2015 | 9:42 am
    A co-worker was telling me a story the other day about driving with her aunt. Her aunt's fuel tank was low and my co-worker tried to be helpful by calling out whenever a gas station came into view. Her aunt...<img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
  • About the Roundabout: Increased Neighbourhood Safety and Driving Tips for Roundabouts

    26 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    I grew up watching Clark Griswold take his family on vacation and inevitably suffer some kind of wacky car problem (safety note: do NOT drive like Clark Griswold). The incident that stuck with me the most, perhaps because I could...<img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
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    Progress Newsroom

  • Karen Tegan Padir: Master of her Craft and Mentor to Women in Technology

    Erica Burns
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:03 am
    Karen Tegan Padir, President, Application Development and Deployment As Women in History month comes to a close, we wanted to recognize another elite Woman of Progress. Karen Tegan Padir is the President of the Application Development and Deployment business unit. She is a 20-year veteran within the software industry, having served a multitude of technology leadership roles at organizations including EnterpriseDB, Oracle (Sun Microsystems) and Red Hat. Early on in her career Karen had a passion for understanding the “big picture” of how people interact with technology in business. She…
  • Unlock Big Data for Marketing

    Suzanne Rose
    30 Mar 2015 | 8:21 am
    Join Rich Julius for the next Progress Easyl webinar. Chris Doran leads the next Progress Easyl big data for marketing webinar. When it comes to marketing data, there is no such thing as too much. Every piece of data you have is part of a larger picture that helps you better understand who your customers are. And if you know exactly who your customers are, it is much easier to meet their needs and deliver the messages they want to hear. Unfortunately, just having all the pieces doesn’t always mean you are able to finish the puzzle. Enterprise data, marketing data included, is often spread…
  • Progress Heads to Vegas for Oracle Modern CX

    Suzanne Rose
    27 Mar 2015 | 11:01 am
    Progress is attending Oracle Modern CX Conferences In the constantly changing world of business, one thing is constant—customers decide whether an organization thrives or dies. From marketing to sales to service, the opinion your customers have about your business depends on the experience you provide them. A great customer experience will win you followers for life, but a bad experience will make them leave, never to return. Today, customers demand more than ever, and their impression of the experience you provide is directly related to the speed and reliability of your data connectivity.
  • Cloud Making Your Business Cloudy?

    Richard Stone
    25 Mar 2015 | 10:02 am
    The success of enterprise cloud services such as Salesforce, Concur, Taleo, etc. was, and still is, driven by their ability to deliver new business value simply, quickly, and at very low initial cost. That is, compared to existing company systems of record which are complex, slow, and very expensive to upgrade or extend. But every silver cloud has a dark lining, and enterprise cloud services are no exception. In talking to senior executives, both in IT and the line-of-business, at many enterprises about their adoption of cloud-based services, they mention two key pitfalls to avoid: Pitfall…
  • Data Is Your Most Precious Resource

    Chris Doran
    25 Mar 2015 | 8:43 am
    Data is the new oil While some organizations turn to pre-made data sets, others are unlocking their data through better data preparation practices. You’ve heard it said before—data is the new oil. It’s very valuable, but just like crude, raw data is mostly unusable until it is refined. Be that as it may, the value of oil keeps dropping while the value of data keeps going up and up. You can no longer ignore the importance of data to business. Before their closure, Gigaom addressed the growing data gap—while large organizations may have the resources to gather and prepare their own…
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    Nuts About Southwest

  • Capt. Nancy Martin-Belitz on Empowering Youth through Adopt-A-Pilot

    Nancy Martin-Belitz
    31 Mar 2015 | 7:31 am
    Southwest Airlines is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month. We are passionate about empowering women all year long. Below is a post by Captain Nancy Martin-Belitz about how she empowers youth, and how she inspires those in her community.  Nancy in a Fall Travel Ad Amelia Earhart tells usthe most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.  You can do anything you decide to do. Growing up, we lived next to the airport.  I was deeply intrigued by the planes that flew overhead and knew that someday I wanted to join the ranks in the sky. As I worked towards my…
  • Every Seat Has a Story: Celebrating with Southwest

    Alyssa Kaplan
    30 Mar 2015 | 12:55 pm
    We LUV when our Customers share the memories they make while flying with us. Here is Customer Kim Thomas Muffoletto’s story about the day her family celebrated two special occasions on a recent Southwest Airlines flight! Dear Southwest, I am a recently retired business traveler who has experienced many air travel experiences … some not always so pleasant.  My first leisure trip since retirement was to accompany my parents to Las Vegas to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary and my Father’s 84th birthday. My Father is a “spunky” 84 year-old and was “as usual” teasing…
  • Educating and Empowering: How the Arizona Foundation for Women Advocates for Others

    Sara Presler
    26 Mar 2015 | 8:03 am
    Former U.S. Sen. Gabrielle Giffords and husband Mark Kelly spoke at an AFW luncheon in October. As the CEO of the Arizona Foundation for Women and the first female mayor of Flagstaff, Arizona, I stand on the shoulders of the women who came before me, and I believe in reaching back to help the next woman up the ladder. AFW has a long history of advocating effectively on behalf of women and children by educating our community and changing laws to ensure abuser accountability. One way that AFW creates positive changes for women and children is through a program called Live & Learn, which…
  • Destination Bracket presented by Southwest® gift card: You LIKE it. You REALLY LIKE it!

    Brooks Thomas
    26 Mar 2015 | 6:48 am
    Fortune favors the like. It’s better to be “likey” than good. Luck be a like tonight. You know the old adages (okay, so I took a bit of creative likecense–ahem–license). The bottom line here, and the painfully transparent theme,  I’m sure, is that the “LIKE” destinations ran the table in the first round. The committee did define that higher seeding would not only receive a better matchup, but would also get the choice between LIKE or SHARE on Facebook (of course, many smartly chose the former option). All told, the stage has been set for the…
  • Make-A-Wish Presents Levi’s Story

    Kelsey Barta
    25 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    Emma had never been on a plane or seen the ocean; that’s not uncommon for a 10-year-old. What is rare is for a 10-year-old to empathize with someone the way Emma does with Make-A-Wish kid, Levi. As Levi’s mom says, “When Emma said hello to Levi for the first time, she opened two hearts at once.” Little did Emma know what being a good friend to Levi would bring her. Levi is a 6-year-old boy who loves penguins, Jim Carey movies, and monster trucks. He also suffers from a genetic condition, which hinders his ability to travel and even to communicate. Make-A-Wish volunteers overcame the…
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    ConnectED | Ellucian Blog | Let's talk higher ed.

  • Win a ticket to #elive16 by entering the Ellucian Live 2015 photo contest

    20 Mar 2015 | 3:21 pm
    Win a ticket to #elive16 by entering the Ellucian Live 2015 photo contest 2015-03-20 174 Heading to New Orleans for Ellucian Live 2015? Help us capture the excitement, energy, and good times that define this event. So harness your Mardi Gras spirit, break out your camera, and show us how much you L
  • The Difference Between Operational and Enterprise Governance

    13 Mar 2015 | 1:12 pm
    The Difference Between Operational and Enterprise Governance 2015-03-13 193 Governance is an essential part of your institution, but is your current methodology as beneficial and productive as it could be? Nothing is perfect, but when your board, president, administrators and faculty are on the same pag
  • Ellucian Live: Learning at the Next Level

    12 Mar 2015 | 10:02 am
    Ellucian Live: Learning at the Next Level 2015-03-12 219 When I am asked what makes Ellucian Live such a unique experience, the answer comes easily: After 13 years as CIO of Northwood University I can say with confidence that the speakers, sessions and vendors at the ELive conference help higher-educatio
  • 8 Ways to Propel Growth With Nontraditional Programs

    5 Mar 2015 | 10:18 am
    8 Ways to Propel Growth With Nontraditional Programs 2015-03-05 194 What’s the biggest market for higher education? If you think it’s 18- to 22-year-olds, your mindset is a few years behind the curve. New studies show that nontraditional learners, those outside the standard conceptualization of a college s
  • The 5 Benefits of eTranscripts

    4 Mar 2015 | 9:45 am
    The 5 Benefits of eTranscripts 2015-03-04 218 Great strides have been made to bring higher education into the digital era. Student recruitment is increasingly fueled by the use of big data and the cloud is enabling new efficiencies in college administration. But not all facets of the colleg
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    Ice Cream Journal

  • Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round 4): The Frosty Four

    Turkey Hill Team
    30 Mar 2015 | 10:38 am
    We started with 32 flavors, then narrowed it down to 16, then eight, and now — based on your votes — just four flavors remain. Each of the “Frosty Four” flavors are the champions of their respective conferences. They’ll now face off against each other this week to determine which two flavors will advance to the final round. Our Frosty Four flavors are: VANILLA CONFERENCE – Cookies ‘n Cream CHOCOLATE CONFERENCE – Double Dunker ALL NATURAL CONFERENCE – All Natural Salted Caramel ALL NATURAL GELATO CONFERENCE – Sea Salted Caramel Gelato…
  • Second Scoop: What causes an ice cream headache (and how to avoid it)

    Turkey Hill Team
    26 Mar 2015 | 8:08 am
    The following was posted previously here on the Ice Cream Journal, but we’ll be making an announcement soon about something related to this topic, so we’ve decided to bring it back for a second look. If you’ve got any tips of your own, share them with a comment!  ——————– We get this question a lot, so we thought it would be appropriate to address it here on our blog. Believe it or not, some people are immune to ice cream headaches. We call these people lucky. The rest of us, however, know exactly what it feels like. Ice cream…
  • Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round 3): The Edible Eight

    Turkey Hill Team
    23 Mar 2015 | 9:28 am
    And then there were eight. Just two flavors remain in each of our four conferences, which means your votes this week will determine which flavors will represent the Vanilla Conference, Chocolate Conference, All Natural Conference and the Gelato Conference in our “Frosty Four” round next week. Below are this week’s match-ups, along with some expert analysis from our Ultimate Flavor Tournament commentators here at the Dairy. Cast your vote for your favorites using the polls on the right. As a reminder, don’t forget to leave a comment because, at the end of the tournament,…
  • Who’s coming to our “First Day of Spring” ice cream party?

    Turkey Hill Team
    20 Mar 2015 | 7:07 am
    Someone mentioned that it was the first day of spring, but we looked out our window here in Lancaster County and, apparently, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. That’s okay, though. Warmer weather is on the way…at least we assume it is. (By the way, thanks to Nikki S. on Instagram for the snowy photo of Lancaster County above.) Speaking of spring, we’re celebrating the new season with an ice cream social on our Facebook page TOMORROW (Saturday) from 7-8 p.m. Just show up on our Facebook page — don’t forget to bring a bowl of ice cream! — and look for…
  • Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round 2): The Sweet 16

    Turkey Hill Team
    16 Mar 2015 | 4:39 am
    Round one of the Ultimate Flavor Tournament is complete, and your votes have narrowed the field of frosty competitors to just 16 flavors. How many votes? More than 46,000 votes were cast last week, and there were plenty of hard-fought battles among the opening round competition. In the “Battle of the Ripples,” Peanut Butter Ripple knocked off Fudge Ripple with a comfortable 54 percent of the vote. After losing in the opening round to Rocky Road in last year’s tournament, fan-favorite Double Dunker pulled off a narrow win over Limited Edition Butter Brickle. The biggest upset…
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    Guided By History

  • Women’s Month: Charlene Lane, stagecoach driver

    Danielle Anderson
    31 Mar 2015 | 1:00 pm
    Women’s history month comes to a close today and we’d like to end it with a celebration of another one of our female stagecoach drivers, Charlene Lane. Charlene got her start with the program through her husband George, who also drives stagecoaches for us; it truly is a family affair and their son Justin has recently joined the team. Charlene said “driving stagecoaches for Wells Fargo gives me a little more perk in my step (see the video here) and it’s fun to ride and be in sync with one horse, but to drive a Wells Fargo hitch and be in sync with all the horses is like no…
  • The ATM

    Steven Greenstein
    23 Mar 2015 | 5:00 am
    Until the 1970’s, banking had to be done at the bank, during business hours. If you needed cash at other times, you were probably out of luck. Many businesses would take a personal check, but to write one was time consuming, and not everybody took them. Credit cards were in their infancy as well, still not universally accepted. The answer was a machine to dispense cash. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, these machines revolutionized access to money, eventually. Early acceptance was limited; the first major use of them was after a blizzard in New York City shut banks for several…
  • Mary Roebling

    Steven Greenstein
    20 Mar 2015 | 5:00 am
    Women have always been an integral part of Wells Fargo and its predecessor institutions. In 1937, just two decades after women gained the right to vote, Mary Roebling rose to be chairwoman and president of the Trenton Trust Company, a bank that has since become part of Wells Fargo Bank. A pet project of the Roebling family—the same family who built the Brooklyn Bridge—the bank was the largest in the Trenton area, and Mary Roebling increased its influence throughout New Jersey and its surroundings. Mary’s husband Siegfried Roebling had been the head of the bank, and when he died…
  • Wells Fargo at 163

    Charles Riggs
    18 Mar 2015 | 4:01 am
    On March 18, 1852, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo met with investors in New York City. The proceedings were held at the famous Astor House on Broadway. The group signed articles of incorporation for Wells, Fargo & Co. that day, which opened for business in San Francisco in July. Henry Wells and William Fargo (Wells Fargo Corporate Archives) Wells and Fargo were noted, successful expressmen already. The two had been involved with companies on their own, and two years earlier had formed American Express with others. The California gold rush excited Wells and Fargo as a great business…
  • Mary Taggart: Wells Fargo’s First Female Agent

    Amanda Walters
    9 Mar 2015 | 7:14 am
    In the June, 1876, The Expressman’s Monthly, appeared a story about an “isolated case” of an actual female agent for the Southern Express Co., in Montezuma, GA.  This young agent, a Miss Annie L. Smith, was reported to be “most prompt and business-like”.  It is also made mention that she is “quite young and decidedly handsome”.  And if there are any “unmarried messengers seeking transfer to a southern clime,” they should, “bear this route in mind.” (1905 Telegram with a Miss Z. L. Winn listed as agent. Image courtesy of Wells Fargo Corporate Archives.) Having read…
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    DocuSign blogs

  • Quick Tip Tuesday: DocuSign your Taxes

    Tsara Borsting
    31 Mar 2015 | 4:29 am
    Ready for tax season? DocuSign can help you with your forms to prevent busywork. Downloading your tax forms: Most tax forms are located on the IRS website.  Download your needed form(s) and save it to your computer. Open your DocuSign account and select Add Documents. Upload your form to DocuSign. If you are emailing your form to your tax preparer add their name and email address in the Recipient field. Add signature and data tags as needed to your form. Depending upon to whom you are sending the form you may either email, or print and snail-mail as needed. Next…
  • Tips for Real Estate: 5 Key Items Found on Your Transaction Rooms Dashboard

    Brent Boyens
    30 Mar 2015 | 9:44 am
    For many of you, the DocuSign Transaction Rooms (DTR) Dashboard is something that you see multiple times each day. But do you really know what each section represents and the various options you have available to you? These five key dashboard items may help you better utilize the Transaction Rooms application and help you get to work more quickly. 5.    Recently View Transactions At the very top of your DTR Dashboard, the last five viewed Transaction Rooms are shown. You can left click into each Transaction Room to enter the details tab or right click to enter a specific section of the…
  • DocuSign Powers the Bank of the Future

    Jamie Bothwell
    25 Mar 2015 | 1:00 pm
    In our latest video, we highlight how DocuSign can streamline a variety of business processes for the banking industry. By standardizing on DocuSign for electronic signature, banks can eliminate a variety of paper-based processes and slash costs for different business activities – notably by simplifying new account openings, accelerating lending cycles, and driving productivity for branch staff. As an example of the returns offered by the DocuSign platform, the video demonstrates the experience of a couple co-signing to open a new account. As one party signs in-person with a tablet, the…
  • Drive Productivity with DocuSign for Office 365: New Timesaving Features for Outlook and Word

    Lahini Arunachalam
    24 Mar 2015 | 2:00 pm
    This week we’re pleased to announce the latest updates to DocuSign’s apps for Office 365, including DocuSign for Outlook and DocuSign for Word. (We also added new features to DocuSign for SharePoint Online, which you can read about here.) We’ve designed each of these solutions to make it easy to sign and get signatures – right from the apps you use most. DocuSign offers one of the most seamless and robust integrations available for Office 365, saving users a ton of time by eliminating the need to print, scan and fax documents to get signatures. Read more about the new features for…
  • The Irish tech renaissance continues, and we’re excited to be a part of it

    Ronan Copeland
    24 Mar 2015 | 7:57 am
    Dublin's tech scene is thriving. Following in the (rather large) footprints of Facebook and Google, technology start-ups from all over the world are assembling in Dublin.   AirBnB, Amazon, LinkedIn and Twitter, to name a few, are joining the local start-ups to gather impetus and accelerate the speed at which the economy is recovering. Silicon Docks is making quite a name for itself, and we’re delighted to be rubbing shoulders with fellow market-leading tech companies in the area.   So what is the common theme in start-ups opening offices in Ireland?   Recently, Forbes described Ireland…
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    AT&T Networking Exchange Blog

  • Transforming the Workforce with Mobile Communication

    Abhi Ingle
    23 Mar 2015 | 3:45 am
    Today, our mobile workforce still uses traditional communication systems to stay connected. Businesses in the manufacturing, airline, courier, and railway industries rely on two-way radios for faster talk-times for their employees. In such fast-paced environments, the ability to communicate information quickly and effectively is critical. However, as these traditional systems get older, the cost of replacing them can be expensive. As a result, we are now seeing more companies stay connected using their smartphone instead of two-way radios. A recent survey of land mobile radio (LMR) users…
  • Bringing more flexibility to AT&T’s indirect channels

    Brooks McCorcle
    16 Mar 2015 | 12:35 pm
    To be direct, we’re serious about our indirect channels. And we are making bold moves to help our agents, solution providers and wholesale customers find success in the marketplace. We recently combined the innovative business model we built under AT&T Partner Exchange℠ with the strength and scale of two other AT&T business units: AT&T Wholesale and ACC Business. This move is designed to give our agents, solution providers and wholesale customers more flexibility to choose how they want to work with us. As the new organization expands, opportunities to white label, co-market…
  • 2015 MWC unveiled a world of “connected things”

    Maribel Lopez
    13 Mar 2015 | 6:45 am
    Over 85,000 people attended the 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, where companies featured real world examples of Internet of Things (IoT) in action and discussed the potential for IoT products and services. The connected devices spanned all manner of solutions, from the home, car, and personal wearables to industry solutions ranging from energy and manufacturing to transportation and commercial equipment. The Internet of Things is a world where machines of all types and varieties can be connected, so that processes and services can become more intelligent and automated.
  • Absolutely, there’s an easier way to manage data logs

    Dwayne Melancon
    13 Mar 2015 | 3:45 am
    If you’re an IT professional who manages and secures systems, you need to see and track all the streams of data flowing in. In the IT world, determining what led up to an event of interest, such as a DDoS attack, means keeping an ongoing log of system and application data. Timely and reliable access to these audit logs is essential. But at the same time, managing the huge volume of data that results from such comprehensive logging can be overwhelming. And finding data quickly when investigating a security incident, performance problem, or any high-priority system event can be even more…
  • Communications hold the key to F1 racing challenges

    Bernard Yee
    12 Mar 2015 | 5:45 am
    Your communications network is mission-critical. Your growing workforce is mobile and global. Security and reliability are vital. Welcome to the reality of modern Formula 1. Many of the challenges of running a top Formula 1 team will be familiar to business leaders that operate their own organizations far from the high-octane world of F1 racing. Reliable and secure global communication and collaboration are now the real forces behind the sport where superstar drivers and their mechanics once ruled. Since the checkered flag came down on the 2014 season in Abu Dhabi last November, Infiniti Red…
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    The Budgeting and Forecasting Experts Blog

  • The Candid Customer: A New Q&A Series

    Dave Winterhalter
    31 Mar 2015 | 2:52 pm
    Welcome to a new series on the “Budgeting and Forecasting Experts Blog” – The Candid Customer! We are committed to sharing the best budgeting and forecasting best practices, so who better than our very own customers to give you an inside look at their budgeting and forecasting journey? Each month you’ll hear from financial professionals just like you who are working hard to empower their organizations with the most accurate, relevant financial insight. This week Controller Mark Howard from Pumps, Parts & Service, Inc., shares his thoughts on how Budget Maestro has changed his…
  • Replace Excel with a Dedicated Planning, Budgeting and Analysis Solution

    Alan Hart
    25 Mar 2015 | 8:52 am
    But make sure that moving away from spreadsheets doesn’t land you back in the same spot. I read a recent article on titled “How to know when it’s time to dump Excel for BP&F software”, authored by Linda Rosencrance. It lists and explains seven distinct signs showing that it is a good idea to move away from spreadsheets to a more robust and dedicated planning, budgeting and analysis solution. The seven compelling points mentioned in this article should be enough to convince any person who is responsible for developing and maintaining a corporate budget that other,…
  • Become Your Company’s Chief Future Officer

    Alan Hart
    13 Mar 2015 | 12:51 pm
    Why CFOs must be able to predict their companies’ future and how they can do it, a premier website for accounting and finance professionals recently announced their annual CFO Dimension conference to be held this year in New York City on the 19th and 20th of October, 2015. This year’s conference theme is “The CFO as Chief Future OfficerTM – Driving strategy, Leadership and Innovation”. This year, 300 senior level finance, accounting and treasury professionals are expected to attend. As we’ve seen in several of the blog entries on this site, the CFO’s position…
  • Analysis of Everything

    Alan Hart
    6 Mar 2015 | 1:53 pm
    Use past, present and future data to get a complete view of your business I have always had a keen interest in physics and while I was an engineering student I took a great number of physics courses, ranging from classical physics to contemporary subjects of quantum mechanics and other theories.  I remember that the greatest challenge of the time (and still is) for physicists was to find the “Theory of Everything”. According to a definition in Wikipedia The Theory of Everything is a hypothetical, single all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and…
  • Accurately Calculate the Total Cost of your Employees

    Alan Hart
    26 Feb 2015 | 1:29 pm
    How to best approach planning & budgeting of payroll and related expenses A while ago there was a member question on the site about calculating total cost of employees.  This question has come up several times on this forum in recent years and clearly represents a challenge finance personnel and departmental managers face. I personally remember struggling with calculating total employee costs at several companies I worked at or consulted to, especially when we had to fully absorb these costs in inventory, excluding non-production employees and those who were part time…
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    ansarada » M&A News

  • M&A goes boom in Q1 2015

    Brett Cole
    30 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    M&A bulls rejoice. Global M&A is booming, much as Ken Moelis, founder of his eponymous investment bank, predicted in February. The Financial Times reports that M&A, even before the end of the first quarter this year, is up 21 percent from the first quarter last year to $811 billion. That’s the best start M&A deal […] The post M&A goes boom in Q1 2015 appeared first on ansarada.
  • Australian law firm Slater and Gordon: M&A machine

    Brett Cole
    29 Mar 2015 | 10:24 pm
    Australia’s Slater and Gordon law firm, the first in the world to list on a stock exchange, is planning to buy the UK’s Quindell’s professional services unit for about $947 million. Since it was listed on the Australian stock market in 2007, Slater and Gordon has boosted its revenue from A$63 million in 2007 to […] The post Australian law firm Slater and Gordon: M&A machine appeared first on ansarada.
  • What’s up in the world of tech? March 23 – 27 2015

    Brett Cole
    27 Mar 2015 | 5:18 pm
    Please leave comments on how to improve this round up of technology news in the section below. Email if you would like to get this weekly round up of tech land in your inbox. DEALS Intel is in discussions to buy Altera, a designer of specialized  computer chips. It would be one of Intel’s […] The post What’s up in the world of tech? March 23 – 27 2015 appeared first on ansarada.
  • Where have TMT M&A deals gone?

    Brett Cole
    26 Mar 2015 | 9:46 pm
    Global TMT M&A is down, way down, so far in 2015. Dealogic says technology, media and telecom M&A volume world wide in the year to date has plummeted 40 percent year on year. Global TMT M&A stands at $136.4 billion so far in 2015. That compares with $226.3 billion for the same period in 2014. […] The post Where have TMT M&A deals gone? appeared first on ansarada.
  • Warren Buffett’s Brazilian love affair. Is 3G the future of M&A?

    Brett Cole
    25 Mar 2015 | 8:46 pm
    The Oracle of Omaha’s view of private equity, along with investment bankers, was famously summed up in his latest letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. He deemed both groups “money shufflers.” “In truth, ‘equity’ is a dirty word for many private-equity buyers; what they love is debt. And, because debt is currently so inexpensive, these buyers […] The post Warren Buffett’s Brazilian love affair. Is 3G the future of M&A? appeared first on ansarada.
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  • Holiday Pay Ruling in UK Will Make Time Off Calculations Critical For Employers

    Siddharth Deb
    25 Mar 2015 | 11:41 am
    In December 2014, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) made a significant ruling on how holiday pay should be calculated for employees who work overtime. The ruling came out of the dispute between Bear Scotland v. Fulton, in which the plaintiffs contended that their non-guaranteed overtime should be included in their holiday pay. Blog tags: Time and Attendance Management
  • How Schools and Colleges Benefit From Automated Time & Attendance Tracking

    Siddharth Deb
    12 Mar 2015 | 7:23 am
    When we went to school, our teachers kept track of our attendance on a daily basis, just as their own work hours were tracked by school administrators. Class times, breaks, gym, and sports activities were set at predetermined times, and our academic lives revolved around those schedules. As we graduated from college and moved on to workplaces as new employees, our hours and attendance continued to be tracked. Blog tags: Time and Attendance Management
  • How Staples Could Have Avoided The Controversy Over Part Time Employees

    Siddharth Deb
    27 Feb 2015 | 2:33 am
    Staples, the office supplies giant and the third-largest e-commerce retailer in the US, has been in the news recently—and not in a good way. Several of its part-time employees have alleged that they were threatened with dismissal for working more than 25 hours a week. Some in the media have speculated that the company’s actions were part of an effort to avoid having to provide healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to employees on the cusp of working 30 hours a week. Blog tags: Time and Attendance Management
  • Work Time Flexibility Need Not Complicate Compliance

    Siddharth Deb
    25 Feb 2015 | 4:43 am
    Working through the holidays isn’t fun. And, we have all had to do it at one time or other. Whether being on duty to keep essential services working, or engaged in the retail, dining, and hospitality industries, a large part of the workforce does not get much of a break during the holidays. Many others need flexibility with their work schedules to accommodate personal lives and family commitments. Blog tags: Time and Attendance Management
  • Replicon in EMEA: The Momentum Keeps Building

    Adam Walker - VP Sales EMEA
    5 Feb 2015 | 6:58 am
    When Replicon announced its expansion into the EMEA market, we knew that we were in for some rapid growth. But even we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly our solutions are being snapped up by companies in the UK and other EMEA countries. Blog tags: Corporate
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    ZING Blog by Quicken Loans

  • Tips for Organizing Documents for Your Tax Preparer

    Chelsea Komblevicz
    31 Mar 2015 | 11:47 am
    It’s tax season! Hopefully that also means refund season for you. With 16 years of tax preparing under her belt, Deanna Robbins, a master tax advisor at H&R Block, was able to share some advice for tax season. Whether you decide to complete your tax documentation yourself or leave it up to the professionals, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. What Tax Documents and Information Should You Have Ready? Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) “Every person that files a tax return needs to have their identification, Social Security…
  • 5 Eye-Catching Wall Decor Trends

    Miranda Crace
    31 Mar 2015 | 11:03 am
    I recently moved into a new apartment. It’s in a beautiful 1920s building with an amazing view of the river. It’s a dream – aside from the tan walls, that is. If you have a similar problem, there are plenty of wall decor trends to make your walls pop! Whether you need to spice up your space or you’re just looking to try something new, these five trends are sure to turn heads. Wallpaper Image: Apartment Therapy For years, wallpaper was a bad word in the design community. People associated wallpaper with that not-so-modern burgundy floral wall covering in hotel rooms – not a trendy…
  • Key Home Sales Up, Jobless Claims Down – Market Update

    Kevin Graham
    30 Mar 2015 | 11:46 am
    Headline News Existing Home Sales – Existing home sales were up 1.2% in February to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 4.88 million. This just shaves a little off the top of last month’s 4.9% drop in sales. January and February represent two of the weaker months for existing home sales since April of last year. However, the year-over-year rate is up 4.7%. Single-family home sales were up 1.4% in February to 4.10 million, a 5.9% year-to-year gain. Condo sales were unchanged at 0.540 million in February, down 3.6% on the year. Home supply is at 4.6 months and the median price is $202,600,…
  • 6 Benefits of Green Roofs

    Dawn Jamison
    30 Mar 2015 | 11:40 am
    Have you ever visited a green roof? I recently did for the first time in the Chicago area, and I was so inspired by its beauty. A green roof is a rooftop that’s used to grow plants, vegetables and other vegetation, typically in a city environment. I wanted to learn about the benefits of having green roofs in urban areas, so I called on an expert who installs green roofs. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Molly Meyer, the CEO and founder of Omni Ecosystems, which designs and installs green roofs and green walls throughout the Midwest. Molly, who invented a patented roof drainage…
  • 5 Tips for Purchasing a Home After a Divorce

    Anthony Fontana
    27 Mar 2015 | 10:34 am
    Sadly, many marriages end in divorce. After figuring out the custody situation (if kids are involved) and determining who gets possession of what, there’s still work to be done. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make involves your living situation. Preparing to live on your own could be a difficult transition that requires careful planning. Don’t worry, though. There are steps you can take to ease into it. If you’re looking for some tips on purchasing a home after a divorce, you’ve come to the right place. Figure Out If Purchasing Is Right for You Is now the right time for…
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    NACD Blog

  • Economic and Geopolitical Disruptive Forces: History Favors the Best Prepared

    Jesse Rhodes
    17 Mar 2015 | 6:47 am
    Now in its third year, NACD’s Directorship 2020 takes an investigative look at the trends and disruptors that will shape boardrooms agendas of the future. This initiative is designed to raise directors’ awareness of these complex emerging issues and enable them to provide effective guidance to management teams as they navigate the associated risks and opportunities.  The inaugural 2015 session was held on March 3 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City, where subject-matter experts from Broadridge, KPMG, Marsh & McLennan Cos., and PwC and corporate leaders explored the boardroom…
  • Wanted: 50 Exemplary Directors, And More

    Judy Warner
    6 Mar 2015 | 12:00 pm
    The NACD Directorship 100 is the preeminent annual list of the most influential people in the boardroom and corporate governance and we are calling on all public company directors and NACD members to tell us who you think deserves recognition. Online nominations are being accepted until 5 p.m. EST on March 31, 2015. You don’t have to be a director in order to participate. Sending a nomination takes only a few seconds and you can nominate as many individuals as you think worthy. From its inception in 2007, the objective of the NACD Directorship 100 has been to elevate the directorship…
  • Diversity in the Boardroom: The Importance of Change

    Henry Stoever
    23 Feb 2015 | 2:19 pm
    For years, boards have discussed diversity but little action has been taken. Demographic shifts and the continuing focus on global competitiveness point to change on the horizon.  While it won’t happen tomorrow, all signs point to increasing diversity within the next few decades — when the current millennials are in their 50s, the boardroom will be much more racially diverse. I recently addressed two highly engaged groups in Washington, D.C., and the attendees reflected very similar attributes and a common aspiration — a desire to gain their first board seat. My advice for gaining…
  • “Full Range” Reading: 25+ NACD Deep Dives for 2015

    Alex Lajoux
    5 Feb 2015 | 10:27 am
    Have you resolved to become even more proactive and knowledgeable as a director in 2015? I commend you!  As Dr. Reatha Clark King says in the annual Chairman’s letter, which appears in the January-February 2015 issue of NACD Directorship, [S]trong boards should work with management to stay abreast of the full range of matters that may affect the success of companies. Today the emergence of significant issues on relatively short notice requires both management and boards to adapt more quickly. To keep you current the first items on your reading list should surely be Directors Daily, NACD…
  • Identifying Black Swans: The Many Facets of Risk Oversight

    Peter Gleason
    28 Jan 2015 | 2:10 pm
    The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel recently interviewed NACD President Peter R. Gleason on how boards are recalibrating their approach to risk oversight and strategy development.  The original interview can be found here.  MCC: Risk oversight is a key responsibility for corporate boards. What are the major areas of risk? Gleason: It’s interesting. When you think about it, everything falls into the risk category. Where we used to have discussions around financial reporting or compensation, the conversation has evolved to financial reporting risk or compensation risk (or the risks in…
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  • Notable Insured Global Losses in 2014

    GC Editor
    30 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Notable insured losses in 2014 included the February snowstorms in Japan, frequent winter storms affecting Europe, flooding in the United Kingdom and a cold, stormy winter in the eastern half of... Continue reading...
  • Global Catastrophe Overview– 2014

    GC Editor
    29 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    2014 was a quiet year, with significant insured losses totaling around USD33 billion. Insured losses were below the ten-year and five-year moving averages of around USD59 billion and USD56 billion,... Continue reading...
  • Week’s Top Stories: March 21 — 27, 2015

    GC Editor
    27 Mar 2015 | 5:00 am
    GC Strategic Advisory Update: Reinsurers Ratings Challenged with Negative Sector Outlook: The major rating agencies covering the reinsurance sector (A.M. Best, S&P, Moody’s, Fitch) have all... Continue reading...
  • January 1, 2015 Renewals See Lower Pricing and Broader Coverage for Clients

    GC Editor
    25 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    As we approach the April 2015 reinsurance renewal, we look back at the Jan. 1 renewal. January 1, 2015 Renewals See Lower Pricing and Broader Coverage for Clients: Guy Carpenter reports reinsurance... Continue reading...
  • Public Entities, Insurers of Last Resort and Compulsory Cat Pools and Disaster Facilities

    GC Editor
    24 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    The use of capital markets-based risk transfer capacity by public entities, insurers of last resort, and compulsory catastrophe pools and disaster facilities continues to expand. These deals included... Continue reading...
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    Miratel Solutions

  • Vegan Easter Dessert Recipes for a Sweet Meatless Monday

    29 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Welcome (back) to the Miratel blog for an Easter inspired edition of our Meatless Monday vegan recipe series. Miratel took the Meatless Monday pledge to support reducing meat consumption 15% by eliminating it one day per week to preserve the health of our planet. We consider our support of this great movement part of our CSR business strategies as it spreads awareness of the impact of our food choices on our environment. It might seem difficult to be vegan and celebrate a holiday like Easter with all those sweets and chocolates but it doesn’t have to be. Today’s recipes for vegan…
  • Top 15 Cities from Quality of Life Ranking 2015

    25 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    As a proud Toronto call centre, we are always interested in how our city (and country) compares on the world’s stage and we have delved into this topic with posts like the best country to live, smartest countries, the happiest countries, the  most peaceful countries, the friendliest countries, the most charitable countries, the best countries for quality of life, the best countries for business, the top countries for life expectancy, the best countries for working women, the best country for child well-being, the best countries for higher education, the most popular…
  • Meatless Monday with Vegan Chickpea Cacciatore

    22 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Welcome (back) to Miratel’s weekly vegan recipe share in honour of Meatless Monday. Miratel took the Meatless Monday pledge to support reducing meat consumption 15% by eliminating it one day per week to preserve the health of our planet. We consider our support of this great movement part of our CSR business strategies as it spreads awareness of the impact of our food choices on our environment. If you are not a full-time vegan, it might seem daunting to make a vegan meal that is satisfying and won’t leave you missing meat and our weekly recipe share aims to accomplish just that. An…
  • Cleanest Cities in Canada and the USA

    18 Mar 2015 | 9:01 pm
    Being a Toronto call centre that values sustainability and all of our CSR business initiatives, we were particularly interested to see how our great city measured up when it came to being green and clean. We often write about how our city and country measures up in posts like  best country to live, smartest countries, the happiest countries, the  most peaceful countries, the friendliest countries, the most charitable countries, the best countries for quality of life, the best countries for business, the top countries for life expectancy, the best countries for working…
  • Vegan St. Patrick’s Day Recipes for an Irish Meatless Monday

    12 Mar 2015 | 9:30 pm
    Welcome (back) to the Miratel blog for a St. Patrick’s Day inspired edition of our Meatless Monday vegan recipe series. Miratel took the Meatless Monday pledge to support reducing meat consumption 15% by eliminating it one day per week to preserve the health of our planet. We consider our support of this great movement part of our CSR business strategies as it spreads awareness of the impact of our food choices on our environment. It might seem difficult to celebrate a holiday with a vegan  meal but our weekly recipe share will prove that is just not the case. Today’s recipes for…
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    The Allstate Blog

  • Property Management Tips for an Absentee Landlord

    Cristel Mohrman
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    Whether you own an investment property or you plan to rent your home for a short period of time, renting out your place might be a good way to make some extra income. But, being a landlord is not necessarily an easy job. Rental properties come with responsibilities. According to the Wall Street Journal, landlords are responsible for advertising their property, screening renters, collecting payments, handling complaints and home maintenance, and getting rid of pests. These tasks must be completed whether you live down the street or across the country from your rental home, but they may be…
  • 10 Years of Quirky Car Features

    26 Mar 2015 | 3:15 am
    Unique car features and weird car accessories have come and gone throughout history. It seems manufacturers have always looked for new ways to stand out from competitors, and in some cases, it has resulted in some quirky ideas. Below is a list of some of the most original car features from the last 10 years. Get an Insurance QuoteCurious what Allstate can do for you? Get a quote here. Get a Quote Perfume Dispenser Ever wanted a built-in perfume dispenser so you don’t ever have to hang those little scented trees on the rearview mirror? The 2011 Fiat 500 was introduced with a perfume…
  • Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors and Openers

    Cristel Mohrman
    25 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    Your garage door is the biggest moving part in your home, according to Bob Vila. To help ensure it provides you easy, safe and reliable access, it is important to keep the door and its opener working properly. Basic, routine maintenance can help extend the life of your garage door and opener. The International Door Association (IDA) recommends checking and testing your garage door system monthly. This includes looking at your garage door opener, springs, rollers, cables and pulleys for signs of wear. The IDA says you should also make sure the door is lubricated and balanced, and that…
  • Spring Cleaning: Electronics Edition

    Cristel Mohrman
    19 Mar 2015 | 6:00 am
    As you organize and declutter your home this spring, you may come across old or unused electronics. Before you toss those unwanted gadgets, though, you may want to consider recycling them. Recycling or finding new homes for old electronics isn’t just an environmentally friendly option; throwing them in the trash may be illegal in your state, says Consumer Reports. So what should you do with old electronics? Here are a few options. Recycle Old Electronics Eectronics are composed of metals, plastics and glass, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says these materials are mined…
  • Increase Your Awareness to Help Prevent Vehicle Theft [INFOGRAPHIC]

    18 Mar 2015 | 3:00 am
    Even if you don’t realize it, if you regularly drive a car, you’re often moved to protect your vehicle against theft. The simple, often mindless act of pushing that button on your key fob after you park your car locks it and helps deter thieves. Despite that, hundreds of thousand of vehicles are stolen each year, and more than 1.5 million vehicles have items stolen from them. Check out the theft statistics and consider employing the safety tips in the infographic below to help educate yourself about the realities of vehicle theft. Auto Insurance Basics & MoreLearn more about…
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    OSSCube : Blog

  • OSSCube CEO Lavanya Rastogi Speaks at CIOsynergy Dallas

    9 Mar 2015 | 4:03 am
    “I remember when big data was a band out of Brooklyn, New York, Twitter was a sound, and cloud was something you see in the sky,” Proclaimed Lavanya Rastogi at a packed Hyatt Regency ballroom in Dallas, Texas. The room, full of CIOs, CTOs, and other high-ranking IT minds laughed along as Lavanya brought them on a quick trip through time, but understood on a deeper level, where this was all going.“One thing you can count on in IT is: Whatever works today, will be gone tomorrow.”The future of information technology, and the future of enterprise business have one thing in common:…
  • My Experience as a Nominee at the 2015 World HRD Congress Awards

    27 Feb 2015 | 3:35 am
    It's not exactly easy to type when your hands are sore, but I’ll do my best. For the last few hours I’ve been clasping my fingers tight, anxiously awaiting the results of the 23rd World HRD Congress Awards. Hosted in Mumbai on the 15th and 16th of February, the World HRD Congress Awards honor the efforts of companies that go the extra mile for their employees. HR initiatives are given the royal treatment, and businesses from all over the world compete for the top honors.This year OSSCube was considered for two awards.  First, our CEO, Lavanya Rastogi, was in the running for “CEO of the…
  • Business IT and why Consulting Matters

    25 Feb 2015 | 2:03 am
    For those with experience running a team or department, it’s easy to identify shortcomings, roadblocks, and process management issues. A manager or executive has the ability to see what works, and what doesn’t from a high-level, but the issue many decision-makers face is figuring out how to make it all work better. This is where a new set of eyes can come in handy.When it comes to meeting challenges within a business environment, a solution provider is at the top of the list. CRM issues? Switch systems. Data overload? Migrate to big data in the cloud. The list goes on. Solution providers…
  • Is Open Source Software About More Than Just Saving Money?

    9 Feb 2015 | 2:14 am
    When the idea of introducing open source technology to a business environment is brought to the table, most see the topic as one pointed toward cost-savings. But in 2015 this notion begs the question- ‘is it fair to tag open source as just a way to save money?’ I find it hard to say yes. While open source software is advantageous for those trying to reduce cost, there is so much more to offer for any size business, with any size budget.Today’s competitive businesses are agile; they demand better flexibility, scalability and security in order to effectively react to changing business…
  • Marketing Automation— Why, When, and How

    19 Jan 2015 | 6:38 am
    As 2015  begins companies are working hard to begin implementing their marketing strategy. It’s the time to analyze 2014 marketing efforts and introduce new ones, all to make sure the sales pipeline gets a boost in the coming year.With new marketing platforms and tools emerging every day, marketers have more possibilities than ever before when it comes to creating, launching, and measuring campaigns. For marketers, their environment is fresh and exciting, but with all this opportunity comes the added stress of higher expectations from management. Choosing tools, and researching effective…
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    Eco Blog: dedication to Green Hauling

  • Sustainability Tips for the Workplace

    19 Mar 2015 | 2:44 pm
    One of the main tenets of the movement towards creating a better environment is sustainability. As a society, we rely mainly on non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, earth mineral and metal ores for power. Extracting and using resources like these causes significant greenhouse gas pollution, which happens to be the biggest contributor to global warming. Reducing your impact on the environment requires some significant changes in your home and personal life, but you can also change habits at the workplace to facilitate change. Here are a few things you can do at work to cut your carbon…
  • What To Do: Recycling Mattresses

    9 Mar 2015 | 3:30 pm
    Easily one of the biggest eyesores you can come across in public, illegally discarded mattresses are seen far too often today. Whether it be in alleyways, vacant lots, or along the sides of the freeway, dumped mattresses have long been a thorn in the sides of public utility departments and pose some serious hazards to the general public. While it’s far from okay to dispose of a mattress by leaving it on the side of the road, it’s easy to understand given the limited options available for resale and recycling. Lets face it, there is not much of a market for used mattresses, and in fact, a…
  • Altamont Wind Farm to Power Google Offices in 2016

    17 Feb 2015 | 1:19 pm
    Long time residents of the Bay Area are sure to be quite familiar with that Altamont Pass Wind Farm. The hills along Interstate 580 as you pass Livermore and head towards the Central Valley are dotted with massive wind turbines, erected as a result of the energy crisis of the 1970’s. The wind farm is one of the oldest and earliest examples of wind power, and at one time was the largest in the US. If you are not familiar with the wind farm you might want to Google it, seeing as the Mountian View-based Internet giant is about to fund a massive equipment overhaul. As part of a 20-year power…
  • Food Waste Recycling Drops Dramatically in Alameda County

    9 Feb 2015 | 1:15 pm
    It looks like the green bins in the Bay Area are not getting the love they deserve. In a recent study completed by StopWaste, a public agency tasked with reducing waste, numerous Alameda County cities are showing drastic increases in food scraps being discarded in trash bins in 2014. The data was complied by workers who randomly sampled 3,000 garbage bins, both commercial and residential, in 15 Alameda County cities. The data shows that all 15 cities added to the percentage of food scraps in the trash compared to data collected in 2013. For example, the city of Fremont more then doubled its…
  • E-Waste Recycling: The Next Step In National Defense

    20 Jan 2015 | 4:28 pm
    Here at Fast Haul, we are HUGE fans of electronic waste (or e-waste) recycling. The electronics we use and replace on a daily basis are filled with some of the most harmful and toxic chemicals on the planet, and can wreck havoc on the environment. Although recently, another great reason to increase e-waste recycling efforts has come to light. In a recent piece by the National Defense Magazine, e-waste recycling programs benefit the U.S. defense system by curbing the amount of counterfeit parts that can in the electronic components they use. The U.S. military depends heavily on electronic…
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    Liaison Technologies

  • Winning Lab Information Strategies for Value-Based Care

    Ken Willett
    25 Mar 2015 | 11:07 am
    Introduction Major shifts within the U.S. healthcare system present new challenges and opportunities for clinical labs and other diagnostic service providers. Changes to healthcare ground rules mandated by payers and the federal government are driving a shift towards value-based care, resulting in changes to the business models under which clinical labs and other diagnostic service providers operate. In order to negotiate favorable contracts and participate successfully in value-based healthcare organizations, labs must demonstrate their ability to contribute to the business objectives of…
  • Liaison Technologies Opens Silicon Valley Offices To Accelerate Ecosystem Engagement

    19 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    New location Reflects Momentum As Company Continues To Strengthen Market Leadership SAN JOSE, March 19, 2015 – Liaison Technologies, the industry-recognized leader in cloud-enabled data integration and data management offerings, today announced the opening of a new office location in Silicon Valley. The new office is located at 2540 N. First Street, Suite 110, San Jose, CA 95131. In addition to Silicon Valley, Liaison has six other US locations with Alpharetta, Georgia being its current U.S. headquarters. Over the last decade and a half, Liaison Technologies has earned notoriety as one of…
  • Liaison Technologies Raises Additional Capital Bringing its Total Healthcare Informatics Investment to over $90 Million

    12 Mar 2015 | 6:30 am
    Investment is Further Validation of Liaison’s Success with Cloud-Enabled Data Solutions for Life Sciences and Healthcare Customers ATLANTA, March 12, 2015 – Liaison Technologies, an industry-recognized leader in cloud-enabled data integration and data management offerings, today announced that the Global Health Innovation Fund has increased its investment in the company, bringing the total investment from all strategic life sciences and healthcare partners to over $90 million. Over the last decade and a half, Liaison Technologies has delivered disruptive solutions to solve complex…
  • Drawing a map on e-invoicing – What paths are there and where do they lead?

    11 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    If someone came up to you and proposed a project that would cut your costs 80 percent and pay itself back in six months, would you take them up on the offer? While admittedly being on the extreme ends of the scale, these numbers are within reach of the average project of switching from paper-based invoicing processes to electronic invoicing. Thus, it’s no wonder that e-invoicing is growing globally at a double digit growth rate, and many and more organizations – companies and government entities alike – are jumping on the band wagon. However, the overall adoption rates of e-invoicing…
  • In 2015: Doing Right By the Data

    13 Jan 2015 | 11:51 am
    Big data, data aggregation, data integration, data management, data harmonization… The many ways to serve up data for maximum insight and, ultimately, profit, is on everyone’s minds—ours included. And while the very realization that data is one of the most important resources an organization possesses is an ongoing trend in and of itself, I’d like to dive a little deeper into the micro-trends that I believe will come of age in 2015 to further help organizations attain their data’s full potential. 1. Big data meets reality The excitement around the power of big data has reached a…
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    A Taste of General Mills

  • Cartoonist inspired by General Mills leader

    Amanda Grayson
    30 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    Mark Addicks, who recently retired as chief marketing officer at General Mills, worked on hundreds of campaigns across dozens of brands during his quarter century with the company. It’s difficult to quantify all of his contributions, even harder to measure all of the lives he impacted. Tom Fishburne, the founder and CEO of Marketoon Studios, is just one person whose career was greatly influenced by Mark. He says Mark taught him everything he needed to know about marketing and inspired him to start a marketing agency that specializes in communicating with cartoons. Tom Fishburne He recently…
  • Saving pizza one crust at a time

    Lynne Morioka
    26 Mar 2015 | 4:30 am
    Have you heard of the Doughminators? They’re kind of a big deal! In fact, you’ve probably enjoyed a pizza with a crust they’ve quite literally had a hand in. This dedicated team of pizza crust experts with more than 100 years of collective experience works closely with pizzerias across the U.S. to help them get control of their dough and prevent crust catastrophes. The Doughminators – Tom Santos, Bill Weekley and Tim Huff from General Mills Foodservice. The Doughminators are Tom Santos, Bill Weekley and Tim Huff from General Mills Foodservice. They advise pizzerias on…
  • Hockey tournament raises money and hope

    Maerenn Jepsen
    25 Mar 2015 | 4:33 am
    As we’ve written about here on “A Taste of General Mills,” many of our employees donate their time and talents through volunteerism. What’s remarkable about Jesse Abrams, who works for General Mills Canada in digital marketing, is that he and several friends turned their grief over the loss of a friend’s brother into the creation of their own non-profit to benefit kids with developmental disabilities. Jesse grew up playing hockey, and believed that the sport could provide a meaningful and fun way to raise money for their cause. And five years later, the Joel Schwartz…
  • Key learnings in sustainable water stewardship

    Ellen Silva
    23 Mar 2015 | 7:28 am
    As a company, water stewardship has been a key pillar of our sustainability mission for years. In the last year, I’ve been fortunate enough to observe firsthand the evolution of our water stewardship strategy. I’ve also watched the culture of water stewardship evolve beyond our corporate hallways to new heights of impact. Everyone working in water stewardship is engaged in on-the-job training and that influences how we work together. As the world celebrated World Water Day yesterday, March 22, I thought I would take some time to reflect on a few things we’ve learned about building a…
  • Reba joins the fight to Outnumber Hunger

    Kevin Hunt
    20 Mar 2015 | 7:38 am
    Big news today from our Outnumber Hunger team, involving one of the biggest names in music. Reba McEntire will be the face of the initiative this year, which helps raise awareness of the 49 million individuals struggling with hunger in America. Reba will kick off the 2015 campaign with a special concert event, “Reba and Friends Outnumber Hunger,” featuring songs from her forthcoming album “LOVE SOMEBODY.” Outnumber Hunger is a partnership with General Mills, Big Machine Label Group (BMLG) and Feeding America. In the four years since its launch, Outnumber Hunger has helped…
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    The Great Place to Work Blog

  • The Changing World of Human Resources

    Hannah Jones
    31 Mar 2015 | 1:00 am
    Why Great Workplaces are Increasingly Shifting their Focus to PeopleThere has been a notable shift in the way organizations define their human resource functions. Increasingly, we see departments like "People Services" or "People Operations." Human Resource executives have titles such as "Chief People Officer" and "Vice President of People" and we see entire departments focused on analyzing an organization's people. The way traditional HR works is changing, and no matter what organizations call it, one thing is clear: people are at the center.
  • How the Professional Services Industry Makes the Fortune 100 Best Companies List

    Sue Lam
    26 Mar 2015 | 9:00 am
    In today's volatile and data-driven economy, employee knowledge is a hot commodity. Organizations need the best and brightest employees to maintain their competitive advantage. Though this trend affects all industries, this is even more significant in professional services, where they offer clients knowledge and consulting services.
  • Top Workplaces in Healthcare

    Elissa Tucker
    25 Mar 2015 | 1:00 am
    4 Elements of a Successful Healthcare Employee ExperienceConfronting stressors: It's just part of the job description for any healthcare worker in 2015. Each day this year, healthcare workers will be:
  • The Intersection of Culture and Design

    Hannah Jones
    24 Mar 2015 | 1:00 am
    How Workplace Design Helps Bring Culture to LifeLast week Fortune Magazine published a double-issue featuring the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®. The issue highlights several Best Companies on the list as well as some of the trends and practices seen across the 100 Best. There is a small feature on workspaces as well as a list published online of the 25 coolest offices of the 100 Best.
  • The Language of Great Leadership

    Lillian J. LeBlanc
    19 Mar 2015 | 1:00 am
    Great leaders strive to connect with their teams through clear communicationThe words we use in everyday conversation reveal a lot about who we are. Most of us have broad vocabularies, but rely on a core set of go-to words that regularly pop up in most of our discussions. Has a family member ever coined a particular word as a “-ism”? If so, then you understand the concept.
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    Summit Brokerage

  • Independent Financial Advisors Learn to Treat Clients like VIPs

    30 Mar 2015 | 8:36 am
    A company that strives to build a world-class service culture will make every effort to develop service standards that surround exceptional service for every customer, all the time. Now, this does not mean every customer should get the same service. True service excellence requires personalization and making each customer feel as though there is no one else more important in that instance.   Something wonderful happens when a client or prospective client receives personalized service from you or someone in your business. That prospect or client is no longer a nameless number, but rather an…
  • Getting Your Piece of the Baby Boomer Pie

    27 Mar 2015 | 10:47 am
    For years and with good reason, the media has been tracking Baby Boomers as they enter each new phase of their lives. The population explosion, which occurred when soldiers returned home from World War II, has had an enormous impact on the U.S. economy ever since.   For years, there has been speculation about the impact of Baby Boomers approaching retirement, which is occurring now. For financial advisors, this offers a tremendous opportunity to manage these assets. The number of retired households still falls below 50 percent, which means there is time to get your piece of the Baby…
  • Summit Brokerage Services Welcomes New Advisor

    27 Mar 2015 | 7:35 am
    Financial advisor David DiCenso of Green Street Wealth Advisory in New Kingstown, RI, has recently joined Summit Brokerage Services, Inc., the #1 Independent Broker-Dealer in the Country*.   DiCenso, who has been servicing the needs of clients for 22 years, was previously affiliated with Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., where he managed over $25 million in client assets. Green Street Wealth Advisory specializes in providing advice and consultation services for families across multiple generations.   “My move to Summit was based on a few reasons and centered on knowing that they would…
  • Adjusting to a Stronger Dollar and Weaker Oil Prices

    26 Mar 2015 | 8:09 am
    Most Americans are aware that the U.S. economy and markets are more frequently and deeply affected by global developments than was the case even a generation ago.  Yet when global shocks occur they still somehow manage to be a bit of a surprise.  Over the past two months the United States has been rocked by two shocks that have been global in scope: The sharp rise in the dollar, and the equally sharp fall in oil prices.  Neither event, of course, is necessarily unwelcome.  A strong dollar means imported goods and vacations abroad are cheaper, and lower energy prices have the same effect…
  • Top Reasons for Independent Financial Advisors to Start Using Google Analytics

    25 Mar 2015 | 9:33 am
    As a financial advisor, your website is the most basic tool you can use to connect with the world. Whether a potential client lands on your website after browsing the internet or is referred by an existing client, this person will develop a first impression of your business based on your website.   Your website is not only an important portal into your financial advising business; it is the online public face of your business. There are benefits in knowing how people find your site, navigating through it and engaging with it. If you’re not using Google Analytics to track this…
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    The Hallmark Business Connections Blog

  • 25 Simple Messages That Show Clients & Employees You Care

    Hallmark Business Connections
    31 Mar 2015 | 6:12 am
    When it comes to communicating your sincere thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to clients and employees, it’s crucial to set the appropriate tone. In the words of speaker and author John C. Maxwell, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” There are many ways of expressing your thoughts and well wishes to clients and employees, but it takes a special kind of message to show them that you truly care. Using the Hallmark Business Connections card line as well as other examples we’ve come across in social and online communities, we’ve pulled together 25 simple…
  • 16 Rockstar Employee Recognition Messages on Twitter

    Hallmark Business Connections
    24 Mar 2015 | 8:33 am
    Think about all of the ways you show your loved ones that you care on a daily basis. From saying “I love you” when your kids get on the school bus or complimenting your spouse on a delicious meal or even patting your dog on the head when she greets you at the front door, it’s important to express these feelings of gratitude and appreciation. In the workplace, a similar idea applies. Just as you recognize all of the things your family does to make your life better, you also need to make it a priority to recognize your employees for all the hard work they’re doing on behalf of the…
  • The role of company culture in the success of wellness programs

    Jennifer Patel
    19 Mar 2015 | 9:54 am
    Raise your hand if you devote more than 40 hours to work each week. You’re not alone. ABC News reports Americans work more than any other nationality. We take less vacation, work longer days and we retire later in life. We spend a lot of time working. If we’re spending all of this time at work, then it makes sense our efforts to be healthy and well must somehow fit into our daily work routine. As I said in my August blog “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Wellness Engagement,” in today’s hectic world, the simple idea of living a healthy lifestyle often falls to the…
  • Your Personalized Engagement Strategy, One that Drives Positive Outcomes

    Jennifer Patel
    17 Mar 2015 | 12:36 pm
    Your wellness program means nothing if it isn’t backed by an engagement strategy that resonates with your employees and produces desirable outcomes. It makes the difference between a simple wellness program and a well-organized wellness strategy. Ask yourself and fellow decision makers these two questions before putting your wellness program strategy in place. What does an engaged employee look like, and how can he or she contribute to a healthy work environment? Not surprisingly, communication becomes a key factor for success. Though more than 85 percent of large employers offer a wellness…
  • Customer Service Secrets From the Most Awarded 5-Star Hotel in the World

    Rhonda Basler
    12 Mar 2015 | 11:28 am
    I’m pleased to present a second article by noted author, speaker and Forbes contributor, Micah Solomon. While Micah and I share a similar point of view, his individual style and perspective provide unique structure and clarity around the real issues companies face today. Read on for Micah’s wit, wisdom and thought-provoking insight regarding customer experience. Want to improve your own company’s customer service? If so, who better to learn from than Colorado Springs’ landmark Broadmoor Hotel And Resort, where the customer service is so genuine, eager and consistent that…
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    Skiddle Event Promotion and Ticket Sales Blog

  • The new RapidScan iPhone App

    4 Mar 2015 | 4:38 am
    Fast entry for your guests. No more clipboards or printed lists. Less queuing = more people spending at the bar. Skiddle were one of the first ticket outlets to offer a barcoded entry system back in 2005 – our RapidScan system has been hugely successful and used at events across the country, from club nights through to large capacity festivals. Now with the launch of our iPhone app, you can harness the power of RapidScan on your own iPhone or iPad. Here’s an overview of the features: * Verify customers as they enter your event using your iPhone or iPad * Scan RapidScan barcoded…
  • Do you accept credit cards on your event website?

    5 Feb 2015 | 2:15 am
    Do you sell tickets for your events via your own website? Read on to find out about some complex (and costly) regulations you may not be aware of… If you process or handle customer’s credit card details as part of your business, you need to be PCI/DSS Compliant. This is standard which has been agreed by the major card brands (Visa, Mastercard) to ensure the security of customer’s cards. It applies to you whether you process cards with a chip and pin machine, online via your website or via an external service provider. Many businesses do not realise they have a requirement to…
  • Skiddle Traffic Update: How do we compare with other ticket agents and event sites?

    4 Feb 2015 | 5:14 am
    The number of visitors using Skiddle to plan their weekends is growing and growing. The table below demonstrates traffic rankings for UK websites by Alexa (an independent analytics company), indicating Skiddle’s huge traffic flow. Site Traffic Rank of all UK websites Ticketmaster 343rd 371st Eventbrite 457th Seetickets 817th Residentadvisor 1,080th Ticketweb 2,628th eFestivals 4,323rd Ticketline 4,535th Gigantic 7,161st Fatsoma 10,679th Theticketsellers 35,441st Virtual Festivals 37,760th Ticketarena 52,045th * Figures according to and were correct on 4th…
  • Cocoon in the Park, Standon Calling and The Great Escape now on sale

    Jimmy Coultas
    1 Feb 2015 | 3:59 am
    It’s traditionally always a big one, but the final week of January again lived up to expectations with plenty of promoters capitalising on the first payday of 2015 to push events on sale and announce their line ups. That was reflected in a flurry of activity by ourselves with both existing and new events coming on sale/ We welcomed The Great Escape as a new seller, the Brighton urban sojourn arguably Europe’s finest celebration of new music, as well as Suffolk shindig Standon Calling also utilising our services for the first time. We are happy that once again we will be…
  • How to pitch for news stories on Skiddle

    Jimmy Coultas
    22 Jan 2015 | 12:29 pm
    Part of what makes Skiddle so useful is our news and editorial section, and what makes us manage to create such great content is the input of a multitude of promoters, PR agencies, writers and many more who help us find the best information out there. This blog post tries to go some way to explaining what it is exactly we are after for this area of the website, and to help people who want inclusion in it to provide us with the correct information (you can read what works on our social networks here). We’ve tried to get together the answer to the FAQs around this side of Skiddle, but if…
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    Anderson Direct & Digital : Blog

  • Breaking Bad: Why Marketers Can (and Should) Bust the Rules of Grammar

    Michael Walton
    20 Mar 2015 | 9:38 am
    My former English teacher, Miss Thorne, would kill me if she read this, but the rules of grammar are not etched in stone. At one end of the spectrum lie things like academic treatises, which demand the highest attention to grammar. End a sentence in a preposition and your esteemed scientific chums may throw pi in your face. On the other end we have the spoken word. Pause to ensure every subject, verb and predicate is in place and you’ll sound like a robot. Marketing is what marketing doesSomewhere in the middle is the creative alchemy we call marketing, whose raison d’etre is not to…
  • 5 Tips for Using Campaign-Specific Landing Pages

    Leah Averre-Smith
    11 Mar 2015 | 2:31 pm
    You should be using campaign-specific landing pages if your customers are accessing you online by: Clicking from a paid advertisement Clicking on a link in an email Receiving a direct mail piece with a web address on it Hearing a radio ad with a web address Seeing a TV ad or video asking them to go to a web address By creating campaign-specific landing pages, rather than sending a customer to a general web page (and yes, that could be your home page), you are continuing a conversation with your customer. Landing pages with the following elements can increase your conversion rates by up to…
  • Jekyll and Hyde: Why Your Direct Marketing Creative Could Be At Odds With Your Brand

    Carlos Perez
    5 Mar 2015 | 1:54 pm
    Do you find your marketing in this situation? Everything with your marketing communications seems to be going well. Your brand has been in place for months, maybe years. Guidelines, templates, asset libraries and training are all available to employees and resources. Then you begin to discover that: • One or more of your company’s direct marketing tactics are inconsistent in design and color, copy wording and more. • Tactics are being produced that don’t follow brand standards or messaging.• Direct marketing campaigns exist that don’t support the position your brand occupies in…
  • When 0% Response Means You Nailed It

    Elaine Claussen
    26 Feb 2015 | 11:18 am
    When was the last time you launched a direct marketing effort with the goal of generating a 0% response? (Nope, that’s not a typo. There is no digit missing in front of the zero. We’re talking zip. Zilch. Nada.) Believe it or not, zero can be the proverbial hero when trying to improve your ROI by reducing costs. It simply depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Case in point: One of our clients—Company X, for the purposes of this example—is a seasoned purveyor of a high-end commodity. As is standard practice for many businesses, Company X sends a new, full product catalog to…
  • Seven Tips That Can Make Your Marketing Copy Better

    Michael Walton
    18 Feb 2015 | 2:14 pm
    Twenty-five years ago it was hard to move words around. If you wanted to publish anything you had to submit your work to a battery of editors, who hemmed and hawed over 1,000 other submissions before deciding whether yours was worthy enough. Now, almost anyone can have their 5,000-word shaggy dog story read by a million people in minutes. Has all that content enriched our collective intelligence? Sure. Has writing quality overall suffered as a result? I’m afraid so. Here are seven simple things you can do to make your next marketing piece better. 1. Organize the heck out of it.Following a…
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    Proforma Blog

  • 6 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Content

    Tony Zayas
    30 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    Image courtesy of Sebastien Wiertz’s photostream Blog content production for content marketing’s sake feels like the hard work where many of us spend the most time. The truth is that the promotion side is actually more important, since our content is only useful when others consume it. If you’re not getting the traction that you want in your content marketing efforts, it might be time to shift focus away, temporarily, from content creation and towards content promotion. Here are six steps to getting the most out of your content through promotion. 1 – Post To Facebook, with an…
  • A Manager’s Worst Trait

    Barbara Sulik
    27 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    Image courtesy of Jason Corey’s photostream As I have progressed in my career I have come to realize that every job has its pros and cons.  And every supervisor does as well.  Sometimes your supervisor is too hands off.  Or sometimes you might come across a micro-manager.  You may wish that you received more praise or credit.  Or maybe you receive so much praise that it seems insincere.  One person may enjoy a leader who is more casual and friendly in nature while another prefers a more professional relationship.  I have learned how to balance all of these traits over my…
  • 5 Key Considerations When Integrating Wearable Technology In Your Daily Life

    Danny Trizio
    25 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    Do you remember the first time you watched the movie ‘Back to the Future II’? When Michael J. Fox’s character, the infamous Marty McFly, with the click of a button was able to have his jacket adjust from a size XXL to the perfect fit? Or the time he put on his Nike high-tops only for them to recognize he had stepped into them and therefore tying themselves? In the modern age this may have been the first reference to smart and wearable technology. Fast forward to current day and we see wearable technology around us at all times. From Nike Fuel Bands to the almost-available Apple Watch to…
  • Proforma Sets Record Attendance at Annual Million Dollar Club Trip

    Kendra Smith
    23 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    More than 300 Proforma Owners, Supplier Partners and Support Center Team Members came together for Proforma’s largest-ever Million Dollar Club celebration held March 12 – 15th. This year’s event took place at the luxurious Terranea resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA where 27 new Million Dollar Club Jackets were presented to incoming members. “Proforma’s Million Dollar Club represents more than $200 million in sales and the most successful group of distributors in our industry,” said Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma. “I am very proud of their hard work and dedication to their…
  • 3 Tips to Keep Meetings on Track

    Natalie Darr
    20 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    Image courtesy of John Benson’s photostream In every conference room, in every business, there are meetings being held. Some unfortunately, are less effective than others. Webster’s definition is “A gathering of people for a particular purpose (such as to talk about business).”   Time is money in the business world. Are your daily/weekly/monthly meetings a waste of time or are the results building profit? Here are a few ideas that may improve the outcome of those employee gatherings: 1.    Icebreakers: Participation and brainstorming are the keys to a productive and…
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  • The Little Things That Can Influence Your Success

    24 Mar 2015 | 2:30 am
    There are many little behavioural traits that, if we can control or even just be aware of, can be the keys to success. Often subconscious, they include our movements, expressions or ways in which we react in certain situations that can affect how well we do in our careers and professional relationships. Your decision-making skills In the study ‘Thought Calibration: How Thinking Just the Right Amount Increases One’s Influence and Appeal’ it was found that the way in which someone make decisions affects those observing them and their willingness to be influenced by…
  • 10 Grown Up Uses For Lego In The Office

    19 Mar 2015 | 2:30 am
    Now one of the most valuable and well-known brands in the world, and for good reason, Lego’s not just for kids anymore. With a little ingenuity it can be used to make our lives easier and more fun at work too! Lego vase for your office plant(s) Lego USB stick Lego device charger stand Lego ideas board Lego phone holder Lego wall calendar Lego cable tidy Lego PC tower Lego desk tidy Lego productivity tool Sources: The post 10 Grown Up Uses For Lego…
  • 10 Great Minimal Design CV Designs

    17 Mar 2015 | 2:30 am
    A clear, concise, yet aesthetically pleasing cv design is essential for your job hunting efforts. Most recruiters will afford your CV a minimal amount of time when reviewing for a position as you’re one of many applicants they have to sift through. Creating a CV is no longer a simple case of opening Word and typing in your job history and relevant details, it’s all about selling yourself as the top talent you are. Luckily there are some very functional yet eye-catching CV templates available for download if you’re prepared to part with a small amount of cash. Resume &…
  • If You Sit At A Desk You Need These Exercises

    12 Mar 2015 | 2:30 am
    Sitting all day is bad for us in a number of ways, we should all know that by now. But how many of us proactively exercise at our desks? Below are a number of infographics detailing how you can stretch and get your body moving during those long periods of low physical activity in the office. Excessive sitting impacts our body’s metabolic system: “Today, our bodies are breaking down from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and the cascade of health ills and everyday malaise that come from what scientists have named sitting disease.” ~ James Levine, MD, PhD Further…
  • Answer These Questions To Improve Your Office Environment

    10 Mar 2015 | 2:30 am
    Is everyone in your office happy and productive? A good office environment’s a difficult and time-consuming thing to get right, but is one of the most sought after requirements where talent’s concerned. Asking yourself some straightforward and often obvious questions can help you to understand and improve your office environment for both you and your employees. Is there an atmosphere (of any kind) in your office? Is the office environment one of dead silence where you’d hear a pin drop? Bustling offices are more productive, more inspiring, more collaborative and, more often…
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    Convene » Articles

  • Convene v. 4.2: Voting Options, Two-Factor Authentication, and Other Enhancements

    Alexandrea Roman
    27 Mar 2015 | 1:49 am
    It’s always a top priority for us to make Convene a better board portal solution, so we’re happy to announce that we just released version 4.2 on March 24, Tuesday. This release includes enhancements for both directors and administrators. For Directors We now enabled the agenda number to display multiple sub-items. We also improved security by adding a two-step verification process that checks if the device used upon signing in is registered to the right user account. For Administrators For administrators, we improved system Continue Reading » The post Convene v. 4.2: Voting…
  • She Means Business: Inspiring Women CEOs and Leaders Share Their Keys to Success

    Angel Britanico
    24 Mar 2015 | 4:28 am
    Biologist Thomas Huxley once said, “The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.” This sentiment rings true in the lives of every present-day working woman, who climbs up the corporate ladder while also looking out for their families and their own well-being. Throughout history, media messages coupled with social, cultural and economic influences popularized the idea of women who waited to be swept off Continue Reading » The post She Means Business: Inspiring Women CEOs and…
  • What HP’s Virtual Annual Shareholder Meeting Means for Remote Meetings

    Alexandrea Roman
    20 Mar 2015 | 3:28 am
    Remote enterprise meetings have been around for a while now, but the business world still went abuzz when Hewlett Packard (HP) announced on Feb. 4 that its annual shareholder meeting (held on March 18) would be a purely online event. HP is the largest company so far to host a virtual annual shareholder meeting, so people are rightfully wondering if this move will set a trend among other companies. One would think this news would be met with excitement because of Continue Reading » The post What HP’s Virtual Annual Shareholder Meeting Means for Remote Meetings appeared first on…
  • Our Experience at the ICBA Community Banking LIVE in Orlando, Florida

    Alasdair Mangham
    3 Mar 2015 | 5:46 pm
    This week, we attended our first ever conference in the United States, the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) Live at the Gaylord Convention Center in Floridas. The exhibition was on a different scale compared to anything that we had attended before, and it’s also one of the best organised events we have been to. Normally, I would approach the first site of an exhibition booth with some trepidation — concerned that half the items we ordered won’t be there Continue Reading » The post Our Experience at the ICBA Community Banking LIVE in Orlando, Florida appeared…
  • NHF Board Members’ Conference and Exhibition Notes – Waking Up the Board

    Alasdair Mangham
    24 Feb 2015 | 12:16 am
    As part of our continuing support of the Housing Association Sector, Convene was one of the sponsors of the NHF Board Members’ Conference in London. In what is normally the session where the audience is most prone to sleep following early starts to travel to London and a filling buffet lunch, Alison Christy, chair of Selwood Housing, kept us engaged with her description of how she woke up and then shook up her board. The Challenge of a Sleepy Board Alison started Continue Reading » The post NHF Board Members’ Conference and Exhibition Notes – Waking Up the Board…
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    Blogging Ways

  • How to Make Money with Video Sharing Sites?

    karan singh chauhan
    26 Mar 2015 | 12:37 am
    Wanna Make Money Uploading Videos on Video Sharing Websites, If Yes then must read this article. Now a Days many Bloggers are making hell lot of money $$$ with just creating and sharing videos on popular Video Streaming Sites. Since videos and images can get viral any time, all you need is some social, creativity [...] The post How to Make Money with Video Sharing Sites? appeared first on Blogging Ways.
  • Payday Loan Option is Smart for the Smart

    karan singh chauhan
    24 Mar 2015 | 10:26 am
    Today’s article is all about Payday Loans and its Smartness. So lets start with the definition first. What are Payday Loans? While payday loans originated as short-term loans that matured when you received your wage, today’s definition of payday loans is simply any short-term, unsecured loan. These loans are best used to cover temporary cash [...] The post Payday Loan Option is Smart for the Smart appeared first on Blogging Ways.
  • 5 Best Websites to Check Keyword Positioning in Google

    karan singh chauhan
    14 Mar 2015 | 7:44 am
    If you are an SEO professional , then you must know the importance of keywords and Google Keyword rankings for target Keyword etc. Without implementing proper SEO techniques, your blog post can never be ranked well in Google SERPS although with proper keyword selection. Hence you should know how to target keyword in article, use [...] The post 5 Best Websites to Check Keyword Positioning in Google appeared first on Blogging Ways.
  • {GATE} 2015 Exam Results Declared: Released March 11, 2015

    karan singh chauhan
    10 Mar 2015 | 11:49 pm
    GATE Exam Results 2015 Declared on March 12, 2015- Are you all waiting for Gate Exam Results 2015, So cross your fingers as Gate 2015 Results to be declared out tomorrow on 12 March 2015 at 5.00 PM at Official Gate website etc. So lets know more on Gate and steps To Check Your [...] The post {GATE} 2015 Exam Results Declared: Released March 11, 2015 appeared first on Blogging Ways.
  • List of Free Web Proxy Servers 2015: Top 25 Best Sites

    karan singh chauhan
    9 Mar 2015 | 7:41 am
    Wait is just over- Here is the List of Free Web Proxy Servers Sites of 2015, Therefore I have collected top 25 best proxy sites to do the same. So lets start with the definition, A proxy server is computer that functions as an intermediary between a web browser and the Internet. In other words, [...] The post List of Free Web Proxy Servers 2015: Top 25 Best Sites appeared first on Blogging Ways.
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    Export Compliance Journal

  • Microsoft’s HoloLens: The Export Compliance Issue You Wear on your Head

    Staff Classification Specialist
    5 Mar 2015 | 11:25 am
    Export Compliance professionals haven’t had to solve an ECCN classification and deemed export conundrum this profound since the PlayStation2 was blocked from shipping to China (its American-made chip was powerful enough to control real missiles – not exactly child’s play). The new riddle concerns Microsoft’s new HoloLens, which integrates virtual reality with the real world. This will allow people to use holographic imagery to do the unimaginable – from designing advanced machinery to seeing how the living room walls would look in taupe. You could compare it to the Holodeck in Start…
  • Blacklisted: 4 Reasons Why Every Exporter Needs Restricted/Denied Party Screening

    Industry Contributor
    24 Feb 2015 | 12:01 pm
    Congratulations – you’ve found a new prospective sales deal or you’re ready to ship your product. But there’s a critical step to take before you follow-up on that deal or send those goods out the door and over the high seas. Restricted / denied party screening is a key part of the export process, and here are a few reasons why. Restricted/denied party screening applies to every export, even goods that wouldn’t normally require an export license. Restricted/denied party screening refers to the screening of people, companies and countries that you are sending to – no matter what you…
  • Who Can Play Ball? OFAC Regulations and the National Pastime

    Staff Writer
    18 Feb 2015 | 8:04 am
    Recent changes in U.S. policy regarding its relationship with Cuba will mean a great many things for both nations. Airlines and travel agents will no longer require a special license from the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to book tickets to Cuba for U.S. citizens. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) will loosen the reigns on agricultural equipment and building materials for residential construction in Cuba – all of which will change the lives of their citizens for the better. As the details of these new “normalized” relations slowly play out, OFAC…
  • 5 Ways Your Company Can Prevent ITAR Technology Transfer Slips

    Staff Writer
    10 Feb 2015 | 6:32 am
    When your company gears up to start developing ITAR/USML controlled technology projects, it’s time for your compliance group to hunker down over those internal export compliance procedures— not just restricted/denied party screening and classification—and go through those ITAR compliance checklists, to get the project team members all humming the same ITAR technology transfer compliance tune. With the sincere hope that many of these tips are already in place within your company, here is a short list of 5 major ways that your ITAR compliance group can help prevent technology transfer…
  • FBI Export Violation Prevention Tips: Is Your Visitor Trying to Steal Information?

    Staff Writer
    3 Feb 2015 | 7:29 am
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has produced some excellent literature to help corporations and research institutions avoid the pitfalls of deemed export violations. Their current pamphlet outlines the potential perils of welcoming foreign visitors.   From a deemed export compliance standpoint, preparing for foreign visitors requires significant attention to detail and company-wide understanding of how to protect your technology, research, blueprints and any other sensitive items. And once you’ve taken steps to train staff on visitor protocol, perform Restricted Party…
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    P1 e-Social

  • The Future Of Travelling

    P1 Buddy
    31 Mar 2015 | 4:26 am
    In this day and age, travelling remains to be a luxury that many indulge in for either business or pleasure—mostly the latter. Many aspire to travel abroad to explore new destinations, to discover new experiences, and to immerse in difference cultures. Furthermore, with the development of technology, the future of […] The post The Future Of Travelling appeared first on P1 e-Social.
  • GST – How It Affects Your Business

    P1 Buddy
    29 Mar 2015 | 9:38 pm
    GST will be implemented on April 1st 2015. Learn more from the infographic below, how it will have an affect on your business and what you should do once GST has been implemented. How will the implementation affects SMEs Change in daily operations to accommodate to the compliant accounting systems. […] The post GST – How It Affects Your Business appeared first on P1 e-Social.
  • Earth Hour 2015

    P1 Buddy
    28 Mar 2015 | 12:54 am
    It all started with 2.2million homes and 2,000 businesses in Sydney, Australia in 2007 when residents turned off their lights for an hour to make a stand against climate change. Since then, it has become a global phenomenon, reaching more than 162 countries and territories worldwide. Earth Hour is a […] The post Earth Hour 2015 appeared first on P1 e-Social.
  • Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Checklist

    P1 Buddy
    26 Mar 2015 | 10:45 pm
    The 17th Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix (F1 GP) will be taking place this weekend from the 27th – 29th March 2015 (Friday-Sunday). As the weekend gets closer, we are all excited and geared up for the activities at the circuit. Here’s a simple checklist of things we think […] The post Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Checklist appeared first on P1 e-Social.
  • Work-Life Balance: Employee vs. Employer

    P1 Buddy
    26 Mar 2015 | 2:17 am
    A survey conducted by in 2013 showed more than 60% of Malaysians are overworked and have no time for their families resulting in employees feeling burnt-out and unhappy. A boundary must be drawn; both employees and employers should enjoy a work-life balance and healthy lifestyle so they can be productive […] The post Work-Life Balance: Employee vs. Employer appeared first on P1 e-Social.
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    B2B Inbound Marketer Blog

  • Guides 101

    Mila Staneva
    19 Mar 2015 | 5:00 pm
      Guides For People Who Want To Grow WHY? Information is power. Power to learn, do and grow. is a social platform that will give you the chance to share the expertise you have and learn from others. It is a place where people meet to grow and help others to grow. The team behind Guides believes that publishing has been dehumanised and content has become just another item to be consumed by the masses. This hurts both the author and the reader: the author doesn't get feedback, while the reader cannot interact with the author and ask all the questions that need to be asked. Guides…
  • Content Marketing Roundup

    Mila Staneva
    10 Feb 2015 | 4:00 pm
    St. Valentine is approaching and everyone is either thinking of wine, roses and Swiss chocolates or how not to OD on hearts and “50 Shades of Grey” ads. So how about we talk strictly about content marketing? And love. (Come on, just this once. We promise.)   The Content Marketing Funnel of Love                                                              This is a great illustrated guide to content marketing and how to get…
  • ECM Pros to Follow on Twitter

    Mila Staneva
    26 Jan 2015 | 4:00 pm
    As most of you have noticed and most recently Patrick Lujan has complained: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not the most popular topic on Twitter. Yes, we all follow the industry leaders like OpenText and EMC, visionaries like Newgen Software and Alfresco. And not to forget we follow closely Gartner so we know who is included in the Magic Quadrant. But what about the personal voice of ECM? Well, here are five distinguished voices that you need to follow to be on top of your ECM game. Cheryl McKinnon Cheryl McKinnon has spent most of her career in ECM. Today she is a principal…
  • Revisiting our 2014 Marketing Predictions

    Mila Staneva
    11 Jan 2015 | 4:00 pm
                                Before we share with you our predictions for 2015, we would like to go back to 2013. Unfortunately here at Demodia we don’t like crystal balls so we needed other ways to predict the future last year. It’s been one whole trip around the sun, with lots of exciting new products ( yeah, I’m talking about the iPhone6 at your desk because it’s too big to fit in your pocket), events taking us to the future (OpenText is getting ready for the Digital-first world of 2020) and the…
  • Customer-centric content journey

    Bianka Banova
    7 Dec 2014 | 4:00 pm
    The concept of customer equality is the business equivalent of communism. The assumption that all customers are equal will bring you a superficial business stability that will ultimately result in a shameful collapse and profit loss of epic proportions.  While it is an imperative for businesses to provide the ultimate value of their products and services to customers, the question remains: are all customers interested in the ultimate value of what you are offering? Let’s address the elephant in the room and talk about Customer Lifetime Value - not all your customers find…
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